My Poems (PLEASE READ!!)

Chapter 1

My peoms. :)

Moon Lit Death
I lay in the meadow,
The wind blows softly,
The minutes pass,
My time is costly,
Soon the sun will disappear,
Soon the moon will enter here,
My breath is short,
I’ve only a few,
My breath is lost,
The moon’s my queue
I close my eyes, forever to rest,
In my moon lit placid death.

Am I This Beast?
I look in the mirror,
And what do I see?
Not myself,
No not me,
If anything,
I see a cry,
If anything,
I see a lie,
If anything,
I see a scar,
But you tell me,
That’s not who you are,
But should I believe your lips filled with blood,
You thought I would believe that you truly loved,
And then you transformed me into this beast,
And told me to look in the mirror, now I’m your feast,
I call and cry,
But no one will hear,
The voice of a beast,
Or the sight of a tear,
So now the beast who was once a girl,
Closes her eyes, and leaves this world.
Now I’m gone, and the mirror stands high,
It may be you next, who’s bound to die,
To die as a beast, to leave this world,
No longer a boy, no longer a girl…

See Of Tears
I used to swim in a sea of love,
Then the sea pushed me away,
Now I swim in a sea of fear,
Please let me out, I pray,
It is dark,
Night is nigh,
I am cold,
And I cry,
But the love I used to know,
Very sadly let me go,
I flew across to the fear,
To the cries,
To my tears,
Nothing I say,
Nothing I do,
Will change where I am,
And this is true,
As I cry,
The sea of fear,
Turns into,
The sea of tears…

My Beating Heart Crashed
You’ve pierced my heart,
How do I remove the pain?
You’ve pierced my heart,
How do I remove the stain?
The stain you made when the knife pierced me so,
That sorrowful day when you made me feel low,
Now the pain increases everyday,
How could you ever truly betray?
But you did,
And I cried,
You don’t know,
How much I truly tried,
I tried to do what you told me,
But all you did was hit and scold me,
So now the scars number more,
Yesterday it was 38, now it’s 44,
But the biggest is upon my chest,
Where my shriveled heard does rest,
One beating,
Will increase,
And one beating,
Will decease,
Your beatings on me will forever last,
But my beating heart has crashed…

You Should Be Here
As the day fades,
The blue sky turns black,
As you step away,
You turn your back,
I reach to hold you before the moon’s here,
But you pull away, I wipe away a tear,
The darkness is settling in on me,
You are gone, and I cannot see,
What happened with us since the day turned to night?
You tuned away, your dreams took flight,
But now that the darkness took over me,
I cry and I cry, I have no more dreams,
All I have is nightmares of the day turned to night,
Shaking and crying, weeping with fright,
That’s my life now, full of sorrow and fear,
What happened with us? You should be here…

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