A Hetalia Christmas Story

Chapter 1


Country/State/Capital/etc: Tokyo
Human name: Mizuki Honda
Human age(19 and up): 19
Birthday: May 3rd
Appearance: http://www.quibblo.com/user/AliceKnight17/photoalbum/2077943
Personality: Gentle-hearted, sweet, kind, sensitive, very shy, mature, respectful, and friendly
Other traits: Intellgent, fast learner, musician, and culinary
Family: The Asian Countries
Favorite Musical Instruments: Piano and violin
Weapon(s): Japanese Spear
Scars/Tatoos: An identical scar like China's on her back.(How she got it: http://www.fanfiction.net/s/8667835/1/The-Asians-War)
Habits: Daydreaming
Fears: Death and wars
Crush (optional): Canada
Allies~Axis~Neutral: Axis/Neutral
Friends: Everyone
Best Friends: None
Enemies: None that she knows of...

Country/State/Capital/etc: Adelaide, capital of SA, Australia
Human name: Adelaide Kirkland
Human age: 19
Birthday: January 1st
Appearance: Golden blonde hair, waist length, in a braid, fair skin, pale green eyes, light dusting of freckles
Personality: Kind, bubbly, optimistic, warped sense of humour
Other traits: Laid back, easy going, pretty, humble
Family: Australia (Jack Kirkland), the other states, England (Arthur Kirkland), New Zealand (Kaelin), Principilty of Wy
Favorite Musical Instruments: Clarinet
Weapon(s): None, unless playing with a boomerang.
Habits: Tasting water for salt before drinking.
Fears: Salty water & bats
Crush: China
Allies~Axis~Nuetral: Allies/Nuetral
Friends: New Zealand, Wy
Best Friends: Wy, anyone who wants to be!

Country/State/Capital/etc: South Korea-Seoul
Human name: Kim Chin-Hwa
Human age: 19
Birthday: March 3rd
Appearance: Black hair and chocolate brown eyes. Cute smile
Personality: Kind, protective of friends, adventurous
Other traits: Idk
Family: South Korea (brother)
Favorite Musical Instruments: Piano
Weapon(s): Sword
Scars/Tatoos: One long scar on his back
Habits: Yells out stuff that he's thinking of sometimes.
Fears: Loved ones dying
Crush: Vietnam
Allies~Axis~Nuetral: Ally
Friends: Tokyo, Japan, US, etc
Best Friends: Illia
Enemies: Japan, more like rivalry though

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