Sticks And Stones ~An Original Poem About Bullying~

Yes, I'm aware it's terrible.

Chapter 1

They just don't know..

Stones crush souls
Slowly fading away
Silent screams across the night
Like a moon becoming day.

Do you think I don't notice?
Do you think I can't hear?
Can't see you whisper about me
Into your best friend's ear?

Sticks and stones, sticks and stones
Throw them at me every day
Scars and wounds lie open, bleeding
They never go away

You think I choose to be ugly?
I always wanted to be pretty like you
Being so effortlessly beautiful
Is something I just can't do

You get everything a girl could ever want
Expensive clothes, flashy phones
Just row by row
Of popular clones

No matter how hard I try,
No matter how high I go
You knock me right back,
Falling down so low

I don't have self - confidence anymore
I don't believe in me
I just want to run away
I want to be set free

You might think I don't really care
And that my smile is real
Because you won't ever, ever begin
To feel the pain I feel.

You just don't get it, do you?
What you do to me all the time
No choice but to let my feelings out
My pain in verse and rhyme..

I wonder if you would notice
If I was just not there
I don't think you would.
I don't think you'd care.


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