Forbidden (a Percy Jackson/Rise of the Guardians FanFiction/Love Story)

Name: Nikki Carlton
Age: 13
Looks: Brown/Blonde hair, brown eyes, 4'11"
Other: Daughter of Apollo, so you know about the personality part

A/N The character is based on me! My last name is different though.

Chapter 1

Camp Half-Blood

I stood, looking out at the lake, taking in the warmth of the sun, which is really just a car driving across the sky. I know this because, the sun is my dad. Hi. I'm Nikki, daughter of Apollo, god of the sun. I never thought this would happen, but I'm telling you anyway. It's about me, of the sun, and a boy, of the snow. Here's the story...
I was walking through the woods and trying to manipulate the sun to show where the thorns were when a sudden breeze came. "Stinking Jack Frost." I mumbled. Then I realized that breezes like that aren't supposed to happen inside the border of Camp Half-Blood. I turned around fast. Frost was all over the grass. "Strange..." "Not really." Said a voice in my ear, making me jump. I turned back around, pulling my dagger out of its sheath. I stuck it to his neck and started backing him up. "Who let you in?" I said with slight venom in my voice. "I-" "Who?!" "I don't know! I was just walking around! Jeez!" He yelled, pushing me away. "It's too cold." I complained. Jack Frost got into the camp. Now what?
Now, you might be wondering why I was being so mean. I have always known about Jack Frost, and I have always hated him. I always preferred warmth. And then he showed up and started messing with me. No, I wasn't gonna have it.
I turned around, about to go tell Chiron about Jack, when a freezing cold suddenly encased my wrist. "Let go before I blind you." I said through clenched teeth. "Now, why would you do that?" he asked. "Because I hate you and want you out of here. You are two cold and I happen to want to melt you right now. SO GO AWAY!' I yelled. I shook his hand off and started running. I ran as fast as my short little legs would carry me. Jack was faster than me. He grabbed me three other times but I manipulated the sun and gave him killer sunburn. I got out of the woods and too theBig House. Chiron was there on the porch. Jack was back in the woods where I had kicked dirt in his eyes. "Chiron, the camp has been infiltrated. Jack Frost has gotten in."

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