Forbidden (a Percy Jackson/Rise of the Guardians FanFiction/Love Story)

Name: Nikki Carlton
Age: 13
Looks: Brown/Blonde hair, brown eyes, 4'11"
Other: Daughter of Apollo, so you know about the personality part

A/N The character is based on me! My last name is different though.

Chapter 2

The Prophey

"Why is he here?" Chiron asked me. I shrugged. Jack came running up next to me, still rubbing his eyes.Chiron stood, turning into a centaur. "Why are you here?" He said to Jack. Jack looked up at him. "I was sent here to retrieve a child of Apollo. We have to do something. Tooth got kidnapped. And she was muttering something about a prophecy..." My eyes widened. I was muttering? Chiron looked at me inquiringly. "I- ugh- I-" I stuttered, flailing my hands around. I had been planning to tell him about the prophecy I found- and how I had to find the rest of it- but I kept getting sidetracked or I chickened out. It wasn't like me. And Chiron knows it. Just then Alea Jason ran up. "Hey Nikki. Who's the dude?" She asked. I jerked my head sideways at Chiron a couple times. She looked over. "Oh! Sorry." She said. "Alea, please go away." Chiron said. She nodded and walked away. He looked at me. "I, um... my friend found an old prophecy... and most of it is lost.
Child of the Sun shall rise
Never again to die
Once for all and none for thy
Deaths grace shall forever bear."
I said.

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