Forbidden (a Percy Jackson/Rise of the Guardians FanFiction/Love Story)

Name: Nikki Carlton
Age: 13
Looks: Brown/Blonde hair, brown eyes, 4'11"
Other: Daughter of Apollo, so you know about the personality part

A/N The character is based on me! My last name is different though.

Chapter 3

The Quest

Chiron straight away told us that me, Jack and we'll take Alea too, we're going on a Quest. To find out exactly what the hell this prophecy means.

Jack is annoying. All he does is try to freeze me. I keep on melting him. Then one day, he goes too far.

"Agh!" I scream when Jack decides to think it's funny freezing peoples arses*. "WHAT THE HELL DO YOU THINK YOU'RE DOING?!"

Jack is there laughing and when I turn to see Alea, she's trying not to giggle. I look down at my butt from the best angle I could get without being like the girl in the Exorcism, and I see that my pants look frozen. And my butt is numb.

"You have goen too far, Frost!" I scream and run at him, my eyes blazing with hatred for Jack. Jack starts running, and I start running as fast as my short little legs could carry me. "FROST!" I scream, chasing him.

Alea starts running behind me, and her being a lot taller and faster than me, she catches up quickley.

"Nikki, he's a boy. A immature one. So don't waste your breath." Alea says, panting slightly. I nod.

"Come on Frost! Get back here! We'll be at the Toohfairy Palace when we're eighty." I shout. I see Jack flying back.

"I can't be eighty. I was already eighty. I'm three hundred, you know." Jack says, leaning against his staff. I roll my eyes and head for the bushes.

"If you'll give me a second, I have to un-freeze my butt." I say. Alea nods and Jack giggles. In the bushes I un-freeze and come back out.

"Stay still, Nikki." Alea says, her eyes wide open and her hand on her sword. Jack is in a fighting stance to. I do what I was commanded and stay still, my eyes slowly wandering up to the sky.

And I see a three headed serpent preparing to strike.

"AIEEEE!!!" I scream and go for cover. Retard! You could have blinded the stupid thing! I shout to myself in my head. Jack and Alea charge at it.

"Nikki! I need you to burn the stumps of the head as soon as me and Jack cut them off!" Alea orders. Alea in the daughter of Athena. Jack is flying in the air, dodging the fire. When a bit of the fire singes Jack's shirt, he goes plummeting to the ground, not able to move that arm where he was singed.

"Oh crap..." I mumble. I run over to Jack and I see him with his eyes wide open and clutching his left arm. I gently move his other hand aside and what I see is horrifying. His usually pale skin is flaming hot red around that area and since he is ice and all that, Jack must be in even more pain than ever.

"Jack!" Alea screams, still fighting. Alea has two swords, one for each hand and she is almost about to cut off one of the heads.

"Stay here, Jack. I'll be back." I whisper. Jack nods slightly and closes his eyes, panting harshly.

"Nikkim use your power to burn the stumps of the heads after I cut them off, or they'll grow back and multiply!" Alea shouts. And with a sickening squishy sound, the Leviathans head rolls onto the ground. I quickley jump over to the stump, willing my powers to burn.

"There! I did it!" I shout back to Alea. She nods, and starts hacking away at the other head. Another squelch and the other plops off. I burn the stump of that one too. Alea then with both of her swords makes and inward slice and chops off the other head. I quickley burn the other stump. Alea then stabs the writhering creatures heart, and it falls down onto the ground, making the earth beneath us tremble.

"Jack." Alea says, panting. We both run over to him, and we see that he is in no way fit to continue walking.

"One of us will have to carry him, Nikki." Alea says. I nod. But judging by his size, he'll be to heavy for me. I can tell that Alea is thinking the same thing. "Maybe I-"

"Yes, you carry him." I interrupt. Alea nods and gently slids him in a piggy back formation.

"You carry his staff thingy." Alea says. I pick it up and we continue.

How hard could this be, anyways?

A/N: Arse means butt or azz in Irish or something.

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