I never thought I could love you ( a Draco malfoy love story)

Okay people this is my first story so please critism and comments would be much help! All characters and rights belong to J.K. Rowling my absolutly fav author. This does not go along with the books. So dumbledore won't die and Draco won't turn bad and the war won't happen.

Chapter 1


I woke up early in the morning bustling with excitement. Today the hogwarts letters where supposed to come in. I should probley explain it all. I am a proud gryffindor pureblood. My mom Maria Greengrass, was a smart Ravenclaw and was a part of the quidditch team. My dad Jared Greengrass, was a Slytherin one of they very few nice ones. He was the guy that ruled the school, capitain of the quidditch team and best in all his classes. Everyone loved him even if he was a Slytherin. He was killed by lord Voldemort when I was 10 for not joining his group of death eaters. I was proud that he never said yes. Anyway my little brother Julius was staring his first year at hogwarts. I was going into my 6th year. Now I should probley tell you my name. My name is Astoria Belle Greengrass. My bestfriends are Hermonie Granger, Ron Weasley, and Harry Potter. My boyfriend is Seamus Finnigan though he has been very distant this summer. I think something is wrong,but what?

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