You Know You're Obsessed with Doctor Who When....

I've been looking for this on Quibblo, and saw that no one has posted this yet (at least I think, I could be wrong). So I decided to make one and post it. Enjoy and see how obsessed are you with this timey-wimey show! :) I'll upload some more later!
Feel free to add something in the comments!

Chapter 1

Symptoms of Doctor Who Obsession

1. When you are doing something epic, you want 'I Am The Doctor' by Murray Gold to start playing.

2. You randomly say fantastic, geronimo, or allon-sy!

3. Your friends call you the Doctor or another nickname based of a character in Doctor Who.

4. You get scared when the lights start flickering.

5. You have tried or want to try fishfingers and custard.

6. You don't eat apples because they are rubbish and an apple away keeps the Doctor away.

7. Your ringtone is the TARDIS, and you run at the speed of light everytime it goes off, hoping a blue box appeared.

8. You 'accidentally' reference the show frequently, no matter what situation.

9. You have or want a sonic screwdriver.

10. All you want for Christmas is Doctor Who merchandise (and the TARDIS appearing at your doorstep)....

11. You hate and love Steven Moffat no matter what.

12. You really want Captain Jack Harkness to come back.

13. You cried watching the show at least one time during a companion's departure, death or one of the Doctor's regenerations (especially Tennant's).

14. You think bowties, fezzes, glasses, stetsons, and bunkbeds are cool.

15. Your wallpaper on your computer is Doctor Who themed.

16. When writing an essay or working on a project, you somehow manage to reference something from the show.

17. You get mad when people say Doctor Who is just a show.

18. You're a huge fan of Chameleon Circuit.

19. You stare at statues whenever you see them, trying not to blink and hoping its not a Weeping Angel.

20. You smile when ever you see Vincent Van Gogh's painting of sunflowers, then you frown and you start missing Amy again due to post-Pond depression, and then you search for the words 'for Amy' hoping that the Doctor is out there somewhere in space and time.

21. Having two shadows is a death sentence.

22. You want or own a fez, and wear it quite often.

23. When you have a hard time explaining something, you just end with 'wibbily wobbly timey wimey.....stuff.'

24. You started sobbing during the following: Angels Take Manhattan, Doomsday, Journey's End, End of Time, or Silence in the Library.

25. When you learned the English words to Vale Decem, you just wanted to curl up in a ball in the corner.

26. You cosplayed a Doctor Who character for Halloween (or just for fun, etc).

27. No matter what your opinion is of the Doctor's and River's relationship, you STILL feel bad for her.

28. Whenever doing an assignment that involves drawing, a police box somehow manages to sneak in there.

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