Mr. Jacob Toby Brynes

Mr. Jacob Toby Brynes

Mr Jacob Toby Brynes my son ! :']

Chapter 1

My lovely first son !

My first son; Mr. Jacob Toby Brynes :'] His the most beautifulest little boy out. My son is amazing, perfect for the right words. I would do anything for him.
He was born this morning 17/12/2012 at 05:17 in the morning. His still in hospital and im going to stay wiht him until he comes home with me, i can wait ! Only three more days till he can come home ^.^ His mummys still in hospital but she can leave tomorrow morning so im sad for poor little Jacob, his gotta live a life without his real mummy :[ and now i that i have son no one will want to be my girlfriend so im guessing forever alone ? :[ lol !
Well anyways my beautiful son i love him dearly and would hate to see him heart !

I love you son JTB ! x33 17/12/12 forever mine son :]

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