Mr. Jacob Toby Brynes

Mr. Jacob Toby Brynes

Mr Jacob Toby Brynes my son ! :']

Chapter 2

His home !

Well Mr. Jacob is home ^.^ His been a pain but his too cute ! His rooms adorable (thanks to Nate's mum for helping out on that)
I never knew that he would cry this much, Kellie never ried this much :[ noo his such a sook but i would never change him for any little kid in the world. He is my life now, he has completed me, i know have something to live for,. So now i need to chamge my whole life around for little Jaky, i need to;
- stop smoking
- doing drugs
- drinking
- partying
- being a centerliknk bum !
im going to stick to these strick rules to give my the best life !
His so amazing but ! ogmygosh when he opens his eyes and i get a picture ill show you guys his eyes ! there such an amazing blue ! i love them its like im going to take his eyes out of sockets and take them.

Love you JTB x33 xoxoxo

Love daddy xoxoxo

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