The Many Faces of AwesomeOK1

My Many Faces. Enjoy!

Chapter 1

The 10 Chosen Ones

1) Mallory Talon.

He hates arrogant people, has not much confidence, known as an underdog, participated in the 73rd Hunger Games, killed his district partner Sophie, is forever part-mutt, became a drunkard and is mentoring Katniss.

2) Kieran Higgs.

Has "no" father, is a son of Bacchus, biggest rival is Chester, finds out he is a demigod at Camp Jupiter, becomes friends with Lexus and Dakota, fended off a green scaly monster with a shield and has some pretty weird dreams.

3) Tyson Kalaba.

Easily offended, can get violent if he wants to, is sort of a neat freak but loves sleeping late, has no mother, is brought to Camp Half-Blood by Coach Cabbage, becomes friends with Meredith Jackson and Kit Abbott, overhears a father-son conversation with Percy and his dad, is a son of Demeter and is part of a big prophecy.

4) Kevin.

Second in command at Camp Half-Blood, a son of Zeus, is friends with Rivera, Danielle and Bryan, is part of a big prophecy in the story "Apocalypse" and is also the main character in the story "Extreme Capture The Flag" for Estahh's Story Competition.

5) Frank Johnson.

A wizard who goes to Hogwarts, he is reckless and clumsy but always cheerful. He lost his parents to Voldemort, friends with Ara and Dennis Creevey, goes back in time with them, gets lost in a parallel world, is on a quest to stop Voldemort, develops a crush on Ara and has se% with her.

6) William Cole.

Lives in District 12, has only his father and his brother Jake, his biggest rival///friend is London Samuelson, because she sold his mother out to the Capitol. He is reaped for the Hunger Games with London and Haymitch insists they work together. He is reluctant to work with London and is often nervous around other people. Is fiercly protective of his brother.

7) Richard Tegginson.

Son of Hypnos, he rescued Maci Haler from a Fury and has been at camp for a while. Is part of a big prophecy. His personality has yet to be properly developed, but one known fact about him is that he is an excellent manipulator of the Mist.

8) Oswald Santiago.

Oswald Santiago, lives with his deadbeat aunt and uncle, goes to a mysterious high school where he is friends with the only non-robotic student, Gemma Barton. He has an intimate moment with her but gets chased out by her scratchy-nailed-voice ugly-clothed dictator of a father. Is caned by manic principal for chewing gum.

9) Vincent Specks.

A character who has yet to make an appearance in the original story "Time Travel Time." He is the nephew of Uncle Carls, who developed a time machine to send Vincent back and forth in time.

10) Andre Harris.

A guy with a name that is "borrowed" from Nickelodeon. Andre is a son of Hypnos at Camp Half-Blood, is friends with Maci Haler (a second time), Lyra Smith, Brittany Johnson and Jace. Biggest friend///rival is Perri Richardson. Andre is astounded by the fact that his Hypnos siblings are all practically asleep on their feet. He goes with Chiron to Olympus but is ambushed by the Fury, Alecto. What next is in store for Andre is still unknown.

11) Jacob Rodriguez.

Jacob went to Henderson High and is friends with Aniela and Enid, Enid meets some creeepy dude and the trio of friends go on an adventure. What happens next is still unknown even to me.

HEY GUYS! Now, you must be wondering why I listed 11 fictional characters here. The one connection that all 11 of these people share is that they are ALL characters created by ME!

To find out more about the following characters, go ahead and read their tales!
I've posted links below to the respective character's story!
Have fun reading!~AwesomeOK1, creator of all 11 characters above.




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