~A Beatle Christmas Love Story~

~A Beatle Christmas Love Story~

As the grand winter holiday of Christmas quickly approaches, people around the world who celebrate this holiday might be shopping for gifts, decorating the Christmas tree, traveling to a relative's house, or searching for holiday decorations as we speak.
In these stories, four different girls are busily preparing for Christmas, possibly doing one of these things as the day is coming closer. However, something unexpected happens.

Enjoy and Merry Krimble to you all! :)

(__ = your name)

Chapter 2

Christmas Lights


New York City was a home of many menacing skyscrapers towering over crowds of people; every street lead to a new adventure and every store a new item of clothing. Instead of exploring the huge city and visiting the Empire State Building, you were stuck in a mall with your parents and Laura. "Mom look! A candy store! Could I please have something?" your sister pleaded. You gave a no-and-shut-up look and kept on walking. Laura frowned and looked at your mom once again. "But I'll buy it with my own money!" Your mother rolled her eyes and twirled around, facing both you and Laura. "Fine, but let __ go along with you. I'm not letting a sugar-rushed twelve year old on the loose in New York City. We'll meet you at the food court at five, okay?" Your little sister grinned and fixated her Santa hat on the top of her head and tugged on your hand. You gave a small 'help me' look at your parents as Laura dragged you away to the store.

The shop was huge, filled with a rich aroma of sweetness and a dash of cinnamon. It had light pink wallpaper decorated with plastic candy cane decorations and lights and its floor was white marble decorated with Christmas-themed placemats. Your sister squealed and ran to the chocolate section without hesitation. You followed her with a bright beam plastered on your face, the place wasn't bad at all and it had large stacks of candy everywhere, what more could a nineteen-year old could ask for? You two browsed at the chocolate for a few minutes and the ran to the sour candy section eagerly. However, your craze for candy was a bit too much, and you bumped into somebody familiar.......


The oboes and French horns chuckled and the conductor scrambled into the front of the stage and silence quickly took over. "As you may know, this is our sixth live performance this year....and we thank you all for coming... However, unlike the other six performances, this night is special," he stopped and grinned at the crowd and then went back to talking. "It is not only special because it is almost Christmas, but in the audience, we have a special guest..." The orchestra gave each other bewildered looks and mumbled questions. A special guest?

"You see, this young man is simply extraordinary, and has accomplished so much this year and he took the time to see us tonight...." The man stood up and the conductor started clapping as the crowd and orchestra gasped....


The plane ride seemed like it took a whole day, and landed into the misty and green country that is Scotland at dusk. Your family etched out of the plane and walked through the tunnels, picked up your suitcases, and the searched for your grandparents in the crowded lobby. You all waited for some hours on end and decided to eat some dinner at a place called Mary Kate's Diner.

The diner was fashioned in a modern theme. The walls tiled red and white coated with pictures of car models, the floor was white tiles and the waitress stood behind the wooden desk; her head covered in blonde curls, her eyes grey as the sky on a rainy day, her lips coated in dark scarlet lipstick and she looked like she belonged somewhere in Hollywood. She showed the family their seat and took everybody's order. She grinned and twirled back behind the desk into the kitchens and gave orders to two other people. "My back hurts..and I'm staving," your brother complained after a while. Your father rolled his eyes. "Mhm..try being forty-five with a bad case of leg pains." Your parents and Matt began talking and you spaced out of the conversation a few minutes later, ignoring the food laying on the table. Suddenly, you saw a familiar tall man walking up to the desk as the waitress gasped and showed him his seat immediately.....


The snow poured down harshly as the frigid winter winds went through your light coat. You glided across the ice and rushed to the local store before your body went completely numb. You entered the local grocery store, greeted with warmth and the aroma of food. You rubbed your hands together to revive the sense of touch back. You then went to the back of the store and got the cookies and the strolled to the freezer section to regain some milk. Then you piled up all your findings on the cashier's desk. The cashier happened to be your friend Jane!

"Last minute Christmas cookie shopping, yeah?" she giggled as she tolled up the amount. You grinned back. "Pretty much." She handed you a plastic bag with your items in it and you etched back outside. Suddenly, you bumped into someone your size, and your bag dropped into the snow.

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