~A Beatle Christmas Love Story~

~A Beatle Christmas Love Story~

As the grand winter holiday of Christmas quickly approaches, people around the world who celebrate this holiday might be shopping for gifts, decorating the Christmas tree, traveling to a relative's house, or searching for holiday decorations as we speak.
In these stories, four different girls are busily preparing for Christmas, possibly doing one of these things as the day is coming closer. However, something unexpected happens.

Enjoy and Merry Krimble to you all! :)

(__ = your name)

Chapter 3

Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas


"Oops, sorry!" you cried, as you helped the stranger, who looked somewhat familiar. You've seen the haircut before, the face, who was it? He looked at you and shaked his head. "It's okay, miss, I'm fine." He fixed his brown mop top hair and straightened his tie. Your mouth dropped. "No it can't be..." you thought as walked backwards into a giant Santa Claus statue as Laura was browsing at the candy canes. John Lennon, your favorite Beatle, was standing there in front of you. He gave you a weird look. "You okay, miss? A bit of a shock, eh?" You nodded reluctantly. You were shy in front of people....but a famous person?! He gave you his hand, "John. John Lennon, but I'm pretty sure you found that out already..." You gave him a shy smile, and shaked his hand. "Well, I'm _." He grinned, "Well, _, what's a pretty bird like you doing in a place like this?"


Paul McCartney was literally just standing there. Your favorite Beatle was just standing very close to you, in the front row seats of the theatre near the stage. You felt like you could explode with happiness! Sadie leaned close to, chuckling. "Well, _, looks like you have a chance... Now where's Ringo?!" she whispered jokingly in your ear. You sighed, and drifted off in thought. "I could see Sadie and Ringo... But Paul and me? Now how the bloody hell would that work?!" The conductor interrupted your thoughts, and gave off the gesture that meant everybody should be ready to play. You frowned and shrugged and turned to your sheet music while Sadie muttered "well, it could work...." You took a deep breath, and the orchestra began to play Let It Snow, Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas, Carol of the Bells, and other famous Christmas carols.

After the long concert, when everybody was going home, talking and exhausted from the many hours of playing carols. You and Sadie were giggling, joking of the possibilities of romance with Sadie and Ringo and you and Paul. After she left, you rolled your eyes and started walking home. Then, you were halted by your conductor, "__, could you please give this to Paul McCartney? He's just right over there!" he said, holding out a Christmas gift bag with cookies, cards, and some other holiday treats. You gasped, "Err, me?" He rolled his eyes and sighed, "Yes, you!" You shrugged your shoulders nervously and grabbed the gift bag and ran off to find Paul. Fortunately, he was standing outside near a street lamp, waiting for a cab. "Umm....sir?" you reluctantly said, holding out the gift bag. He looked around in a shocked state, and then noticed you. "Oh..is this for me? Oh, thank you, I guess!" He took the bag and grinned brighter than the light from the lamp's glimmer that shone upon you two. "Oh, it's nothing. It's just a thank you gift from the orchestra for coming tonight," you said, shaking. "What have I gotten myself into?!" you muttered under your breath. You heard a train come by; the last train home! Your eyes widened, you're house was a two hour walk from here and you didn't have a car with you! You sighed and stood by Paul, holding your oboe case in your left hand and fake reindeer antlers in the other; waiting for a cab to come by. "Oh man! That was the last train..." you cried out loud, "Look's like I have to wait for a cab, I guess. Do you mind if I wait here with you?" Paul shaked his head. "No, not at all.." Your eyes locked with Paul's hazel eyes and then you two turned away from each other.


A man who looked familiar was calmly waiting at a table nearby, reading the menu as you were staring at him in disbelief. He looked like your favorite Beatle, George Harrison! You nervously twirled your spaghetti, trying not to gain eye contact with him. "Don't be silly, __, of course that's not George.." you thought as you ate. "Why are you all so quiet? Who are you and what have you done to my sister?!" Matt joked all of the sudden. You scowled at him. "Shut up."

After eating, you found your grandparents waiting at the bench outside the lone airport. Apparently, they were waiting for hours outside, waiting for your family. Oops. "Alright, everybody go the bathroom before we leave! It is a two hour trip from here in Edinburgh to our house, and there is not many bathrooms along the way," your grandmother called in her thick Scottish accent from the car as she slung the last suitcase in your grandparent's tiny red beetle. You shrugged and went along with Matt and your parents back inside the airport. You slightly fixed your ruffled hair into a neat ponytail and splashed cold water on your face to wake yourself up in front of the wide mirrors while your mother was fixing her makeup. You left quickly outside, and was greeted by the cool Scottish air and the gloomy dark skies.

You parked yourself in the beetle and waited for the rest of your family. You went to get out maroon backpack from the trunk - it was gone! "Er, gramps? I'll be back I need to get something, okay?" you frantically said and ran back into the large building. That backpack contained books from the library, and your plane tickets back to Boston! You sprinted to the lost and found, but it was gone! You practically checked everywhere...until you bumped into a tall, skinny man with dark brown hair. "Is this your backpack? I found it laying on the floor in the diner," he said in a Liverpudlian accent, holding out your maroon backpack- it was the Beatle look a like! You took it, and sighed in relief. "Yeah, that's mine, thank you!" You turned and you were about to go back home, but then realized something. "What's your name?" The man smiled. "George Harrison."


"Oops! Are you okay?" a man asked. You got up an picked up your wet bag, "Yeah, I'm fine. You?"
You two began to walk, and talked for what seemed like hours. The heavy snow began to clear up soon after, and the sun began to shine. You were on your street, and you could tell from the several houses decorated with the brightly colored Christmas lights; your street was pretty much obsessed with the holiday and took decorations very seriously. You turned to the man, who was apparently not very tall and was dressed in a light back coat with a hat on top of his head. "Wait a second, he looks familiar. The nose, bright blue eyes, hair... No, it can't be.." you thought, staring at him for a moment. You stopped at your house and held out your hand. "Well, it was nice meeting you, er..." The stranger smiled. "It's Richard Starkey. But you can call me Ringo."

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