~A Beatle Christmas Love Story~

~A Beatle Christmas Love Story~

As the grand winter holiday of Christmas quickly approaches, people around the world who celebrate this holiday might be shopping for gifts, decorating the Christmas tree, traveling to a relative's house, or searching for holiday decorations as we speak.
In these stories, four different girls are busily preparing for Christmas, possibly doing one of these things as the day is coming closer. However, something unexpected happens.

Enjoy and Merry Krimble to you all! :)

(__ = your name)

Chapter 6

Let it Snow


You fluttered your eyes open and gazed at the clock that hung on your walls along with other posters of your idols, which included Buddy Holly, Bob Dylan, and a secret one of John in the darkest corners of your room; hidden behind a family picture of Laura, you, and your parents all smiling in unison in the warm April scene. You admit it, you kind've fancied him yourself, even though you proclaimed that you were just 'indifferent' about the Beatles. Laura gave it you as a joke for a birthday present, it hung secretly on the wall ever since. It was only 9:40, and decided to call him. "Ello? John speaking," a familiar Liverpudlian accent answered. "Hello, it's me, __." you replied.

The next day, you suddenly found yourself standing in the midst of a music session before the release of the album and movie, Help! George, or 'Geo' which the other Beatles called him, and Paul were loudly tuning their guitars before a quick rehearsal of 'You've Got To Hide Your Love Away,' while Ringo was preparing his drum set and John simply testing his microphone; his guitar already tuned. Finally, they began to play, John's beautiful voce ringing throughout the walls. After playing, you stood up and clapped. "That was awesome, guys! John, you sounded great!" John blushed. "Oh, it was nothing actually, love."
"John....are you blushing? Do you fancy her?" Paul teased.
"Ooooooo...Lennon fancies someone...." George said, joining Paul.
"Somebody's in love..." the rest of the Beatles said. You and John flushed a bright crimson that resembled one of the ornaments that hung on the Christmas tree in the studio. "No..we're just friends...Honest!" you two said in unison, clearly embarrassed.
"Sure...Why did you bring her to the studio then?" Paul asked accusingly. Before anyone could day anything else, you ran out of the studio.


A woman's voice blurred throughout the flat. 'Recent reportings show that for the holidays, which are coming up soon, Cute Beatle Paul McCartney went to a Christmas concert in Wales. Some Welsh fans have reported that he drove back home in a cab with a young woman who is believed to be an oboe player for the orchestra. We seem to not to know her name yet, but could she be a secret love interest of the Beatle? Six months ago, McCartney broke up with Jane Asher after an argument. We might however be looking to far into this because- Sadie cut of the woman before she could say anymore and flipped the TV off. "____, is there anything you need to tell me here?" she asked. You sighed and then told her everything. She gave you a skeptical look but the evidence on the television was enough. Suddenly, you heard a bunch of teenage girls shrieking and a knock at the door.


The day after meeting the Beatles was quite hectic; a mixture of an upcoming blizzard, sprinkles of panicking and a dash of hopelessness. Outside of one of the many guest bedrooms in which you slept, the sky was grey as steel, the snow was streaming over Scotland like flour to a bowl, and the radio constantly announced of severe roads and was frequently reminding everybody to switch their regular tires to winter tires for safety on the highway. This was not in your plan. You were simply just going to say you were going to explore the small town your grandparents lived in with the car for a few hours. However, that failed miserably thanks to the unexpected blizzard. You stared hopelessly outside into the snow-covered town and sighed in complete hopelessness. You checked your watch, three hours until the concert would start. Man, I was so close to going to a concert...a Beatles concert! On a regular basis in my family, I would have forgotten about the chance of going to a concert, even now as an adult...thanks to me being a broke college kid... you thought and silently sank in thoughts of doubt and sorrow as the rest of the family was nestled closely to the small fire of the fireplace. You turned around and trudged back and slumped on the charming vintage sofa. When you turned to glimpse back at the window one last time, a small ray of hope still within you, you gasped. What a stroke of luck!


Thirty minutes had passed according to weather damaged clock that hung outside the store. You sighed and shuffled your feet in the melting snow in boredom; the faint winter sun beamed upon the landscape accompanied by a breath of frozen wind. ....Where is he?... Suddenly, a drop of snow fell on top of your hand, and then another one quickly on your head. The skies turned grey as the city outline that bordered your town, the clouds covering most of the it; chasing the once blue colour away. The sun was hidden behind the depressing clouds, and drops of snow drifted towards the bare pavement. Finally, the once harmless sprinkling of snow turned into a mild blizzard. You were only coated in a very light coat and flats! You sauntered quickly inside the shop and sat beside the window. Elvis Presley's Jailhouse Rock blurred loudly throughout the little building. So much for a date... you thought as you stared off into a distance. Fortunately, you heard the door spring open! "____? Where are you? I'm really sorry, love!" a thick Northern English accent cried.

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