I'm trying to be strong.

Chapter 1

Set me free.

I'm gonna be free!
Wait and see!
I ain't never backing down,
I'm not givin' a frown.
I ain't one to quit,
Pfft I've been through worse shit.
Yeah I love yah,
But you love me? Ha.
I knew you didn't care,
Just another cold blank stare.
I've had enough,
Been through alot of rebuff.
I guess you got to my heart,
Guess you wasn't there from da start.
You somehow smuggled in,
You'll say I done somethin'.
You'll blame it on me,
But you don't see.
You are oblivious to the world.
I guess I lost my world.
Cuz she hates me,
But she can't see.
You ain't even looking,
You're just looking at him.
Yesh I know I'm bad, a few sins.
But I'm just a guy,
That don't wanna lie.
I'm trapped in a small hole.
Set me free.
Then you'll see.


Created by CageTheRage

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20, Male
Hanging from a rope, Pretty much dead, VU



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