my love for my sis

in my story you will find out how much i love my sis and you will find out how much i can love

Chapter 1

love you sis forever

i love the way you make me laph
i love the way you love me
i love the way you pull pranks
i love your reaction to my pranks
i love it wen you hug me
i love the sweets you never give me
i love wen i see the smile on your face wen i give you my candy a.k.a choklet
i love your personalit
i love your since of humer
i love that i cant wen a fight with you
i love to have fun with you
i love how you like to go threw corn feild andthen into hounted houses/abandon
i love how you tell me right from wronge
i love the way you give me HORRIBLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!! NICK NAMES
i HATE wen you call me broski but i love you
to sis
from bubby


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