Hey, Everyone!! Read-- please? :3

Hey, Everyone!! Read-- please? :3

Okay!! So!! .............um... I really have no idea what to put here... Alastor's probably calling me lazy right now for not thinking harder, but whatever! ^-^"
Anyway, there's more stuff-- just look down! :3

Chapter 1

Wait, I have to write a title...?

Well, yeah! So, I think most of you know me by now, buuut.... Alright, z'hal! I'm Horu, Alastor's brother. Yes, I am older, even though it usually seems like she's the older one. Dunno why...
Oh-- also, she'll be drawing a picture of my flag soon, since I've been pestering her about it forever... In the meantime, here's hers, in case you guys haven't seen it: http://www.quibblo.com/user/KeSoruu/photoalbum/2071311?page=18&per_page=9
Heh... I'm almost tempted to make a comment about the red, yellow, and black... but I've already been slapped upside the head enough today.
Anyway-- something pretty important: I'm a Master Healer; I can heal any physical injury or ailment, so if anything ever comes up, you know who to turn to! :D
What's really weird is that I've had two Trances of Passage, whereas you usually only have one... It's a really intense, sometimes even painful Healing Trance that a healer will experience at one point in their life-- before the Trance of Passage, arcane (which is known on Earth mostly as magic) is unstable and used up very quickly. However, after the Trance, it's endless!
Yeah... Also, I know I'm afraid of pretty much everything.... b-but really, I-I'd give up my own life to protect Lilly-- m-my fiancee-- and Alastor.

...well, guys, later!! I've gotta run before Alastor finds me and smacks me for trying to protect her!!

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