Why Didn't I Believe You?!

Sometimes, you shouldn't doubt your friends. No matter what the cost.

Chapter 1

Believe Me....

I cried, hard, as I sat down before your grave. You had told me... And I called you a liar. It's all my fault, you're dead. Others tried to tell me, that I didn't know. But I should've of known! I lost my best friend. Someone who was closer to me than anyone else.....

"Marissa! You got to believe me! Someone is trying to kill me!" My friend Lilly begged. She was always trying to to make a silly excuse for something. I think she's making a excuse up to not go to school again. Now it's the fact that someone is trying to kill her.

How gullible does she think I am?

"Lilly, I'm not stupid. That's the most dramatic excuse to stay away from school, I ever heard."

"I'm not joking! This isn't an excuse!"

Did I mention she's a great actor?

"Yeah, whatever." I rolled my eyes.


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