Um yeah this is really just a short story I wrote for random, spontaneous reasons and I felt like posting it for no reason at all. This is the one chapter, but I could provide like a background\plot\explanation\actual story if you people wanted.
Okay I lied! There's a second chapter too and I'm actually making a legit story out of this XD (Adri I know you hate that I can't english but deal with it)

Chapter 1

The Fine Lines We Cross

Everything used to be different. Everything used to be sane. There was no war. There was no death. There was none of this inexplicable destruction wreaked with a casual flick of the hands, like lives are trash to be condemned to the fire. This world changed in the blink of an eye.

And it was all my fault.

I could have stopped this. I should have stopped this. I needed to have stopped this. It was my only duty, the only thing that I had to do— even at the cost of my own life. The only responsibility I had ever held in the palm of my hands.

And I couldn't do it. Not while his life was in jeopardy.

There are no excuses for my ignorance, my stupidity, my, my lack of foresight. I should have stopped this, but I didn’t. I failed. I failed myself, I failed the world.

And it is nobody's fault but mine.

And before I die, before I am murdered for my unforgivable, accidental, irreversible treason, I want to say something. Something I learned.

People change. People lie. People pretend to be things they aren't, people they aren't. I wasn't smart enough—no. I wasn't paying enough attention to find the difference between truth and lie. And my stupidity cost me the world.

I much prefer the days when black and white stayed on clear, opposing sides.

When we were on the same team and nothing could get between us.
When my best friend wasn’t a liar, and a bastard, and working for the enemy; when I could trust the only person I ever loved.
When I didn't make the wrong decision, put my trust in the wrong person, when I didn't have to watch as my life, my career, my family all slipped away because of my honest mistake.
When I hadn't trusted him to catch me when I jumped, and instead felt only the empty air at my back as I skidded off the edge of sanity, the edge of trust, into the deep, unforgiving waters of treason.
When my life hadn't been measured in the scales of justice, and found guilty.
When I could walk down the street and not feel the hate pour from strangers' eyes like rain from a crying sky.
When I was trusted, esteemed, honored instead of despised. When I could look the world in the eye, confident in myself and my innocence.
When I hadn't lost the world and wasn't just about to be publicly executed for it.

Because now. . .
Black is White.
White is a brilliant shade of red.
And I, I am colorblind.

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