Love in the Dark a draco and hermione love story(part 5)

Hey everyone this chapter will be my longest most likely once again sorry about the grammar and all hope you enjoy and people please comment so i can get better

Chapter 1

Valentines Day

by: DrAMiONI
The next day was valentines day and i felt really bad because i knew that i would get nothing for valentines day because normally only ron and harry gave it to me .

I sat down in my chair for potions class with ginny next to me across the room i saw pansy trying to flirt a valentines gift from Malfoy who was staring at something in my direction but not like it matters to me anyhow .Mr slughorn walked into the room with his briefcase "Happy valentines day children now today in the spirit of valentines day we will be making love potions but they are not to be used on anyone because true love can not be ought threw magic although magic is involved anyhow potions was boring today to me probably because no one loved me here at Hogwarts once professor slughorn had dismissed us i headed to the grand hall for lunch with ginny.Once we had entered the hall ginny and i were in aw of the decorations their was red banners coming down from the ceiling with happy valentines day in black cursive writing with swarms of owls flying around the roof with letters in their claws ,ginny got 2 more other than harry from luna and neville but none for me i was just about to leave the hall to go the common room when a a large white owl came towards me with a letter which had the following .

Dear Hermione Granger

I've never been the type to say what I feel
So basically I keep everything inside
And with you it was no different
I want to tell you, believe me I've tried

But there's part of me that just can't take that chance
So I doubt that you'll ever know
Which may be fine with you, but it's hurting me
I choose not to show it though

I guess I'm your secret admirer
That name seems to fit just right
I don't know what I like about you
But you're on my mind, day and night

Maybe it's the way you look
So sexy I can't get enough
Or how you make me feel when you come around
I instantly forget all other stuff

Maybe it's the way you say my name
Or maybe it's the way you smile
Then again it might just be everything
Getting to know you seems worth my while

i am willing to give us a shot so meet me
in the room on requirement at ten o'clock

your secrete admirer xoxo

i was stunned that someone would think so much of me and then i realised that i had a giant smile like ginny had before but i then felt bad because i was with ron ever though he isn't romantic like harry he loves me so i chose not to go and see this secrete admirer .

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