Star crossed -A love story by me :I I know-

Chapter 1


I'm not a human, Well I guess you can tell that right off the bat I'm made of pinkish fire. I have hair that shoots up in the air and my body is pure fire but has a human form. So yeah I'm different but just a little. Now you might think it would be the best thing ever to be made of pure fire well it sucks actually at least for me it dose and it can be the death and the life of you. So you could call these the story of my death or you could call these the story of the new life. I much like the second one.

It began with a wish a simple wish to see the sea.

I walk into my dressing room and look into the mirror I have a butieful red fire dress on and my hair is flowing around my head. The green in my eyes some how pops in the dress. I'm perfect and I hate it. My dad says I'm the age of marriage ready. 16 I'm only 16 I can't be ready. My hair is burning brighter and brighter there is a soft knock on my door
"Misstrest" says a small voice
"Yes." I say in a strong voice
"Your father request you in the great hall."
"Yes tell him I will be there momentarily."
"Yes mam"
She runs off leaving me alone in my room I run to my bed and pull from under the mattress the picture of the sea my mum gave me before she was put out. It has a perfection spell on it so it won't burn hot lava drops fall from my eyes as I stuff it under.
"We'll get there mum I promise"
I head down stairs to see the line of men who want my hand

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