The Secretes and the Truths (One Direction Love Story)

This is a group story between me and my friend Ariel :) #teamhareil #teammiall lol so enjoy :)

Chapter 1

Chapter 1

He's my cousin, the one I could tell anything to and he wouldn't judge me, my shoulder to cry on when I was cheated on back in 8th grade by a guy who I thought was my everything. He was my best friend and I guess what you guys would say is the most important thing in the world that is he is THE Liam Payne from One Direction, it's not as important but I'm Ariel Payne a weird cheeky 17 year old.
I don't see my cousin much because you know, he's a busy guy! The last time I saw him was christmas last year. I guess since he's been in the band we've both changed, he's become less serious and more happy and me? I've become more serious and it's rare to see me smile a real smile. My arms are covered in bracelets I never wear anything that shows my upper thighs and my stomach is rarely seen. My ex use to beat me and he carved 'worthless' and 'slut' on my back, like a tramp stamp.
But enough about my short little history, let's get on with this lovely story we call my life. But we're skipping up a lot because I briefed you in on that so please, do enjoy this terrible story called life.
"Come on Ra-Ra! WE HAVEEEE TO GOOOOO!!!" My best friend Kilee whined as I laid in my bed, she wanted to go out and party while I wanted to stay at home.
"You can go Kiki! But I'm staying home, I'm not feeling well and I just want to sleep right now okay?" I sat up in bed and leaned my head against the headboard. "Plus my mums coming over to the flat tomorrow to see how me and dad are doing and I need to clean this place up."
She groaned throwing herself onto my bed and laid her head on my legs. "Fine, but just so you know the party wont be the same without you woman!" She whined while pouting at me, I laughed and pushed her off my legs standing up.
"Out! I need to clean, and you need to go get ready for a party so shoo slut!" I laughed as she stood pouting at me.
"Whatever whore! I'll just go love someone else!" She cried dramatically storming out of the flat and I counted to five before she walked back in smiling at me. "Peace out my love!"
I rolled my eyes at her and smiled. "Bye-bye lovely!" I said and after she left I locked the door and collapsed onto the couch, my mom wasn't really coming tomorrow but Aunt Karen was needless to say I didn't have to clean when she came over. I sighed and turned on the music chanel and curled up listening to Train sing while I drifted off into a much needed sleep.
"Sh! You're gonna wake her you idiot!" I heard someone hiss as a loud crash filled my ears making me sit up quickly. I looked around the living room to see 6 faces staring back at me, and I screamed startled.
"MY EARDRUMS!" Niall yelled as Liam put a hand over my mouth muffling my screams, I licked his hand making him jump away squealing about how disgusting that was. It made me giggle at his silliness.
"Hey Chicky! I missed youu!" Zayn said throwing his arms around me and hugging me with a side hug.
"Get off my woman Zayn!" Harry Joked pushing him away and hugging me, which made my stomach erupt in butterflies.
"Your woman?! SHE'S MINE!" Louis screamed and plopped onto my lap hugging me tightly causing a few cuts on my thighs to open making me wince a little. "I missed my Airbear so so so so muchh!" He was acting like a little kid.
"Well I missed my boobear so so so so muchh!" I said mocking his tone, causing everyone but me to burst into laughter. "Can you get off me though? Your huge butt is killing me and I haven't got to hug my Li-Li yet!" I said push Louis onto the ground, he rolled around complaining about how I hurt his arse making me crack a little smile. I turned towards Liam plastering the biggest smile I've had for a while and jumped up wrapping my arms around him.
"Don't forget about me girl!" Mirsa, Harrys little sister, said making me turn towards her and hugged her also.
"I could never forget my Mirsa!" I joked. "But what are you guys doing here? Last time I checked you lot were on tour and Mirsa was still in school." I said and looked at Liam raising my left eyebrow at him.
"Yeah.....About that," He said akwardly scratching the back of his head, as if scared of how I'll react.

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