I Can See Through The Mist!

Jonas Russo, 14 year-old, accidentally discovered something. An ability that only few mortals have, a Clear Sight. When he went home, everyone in his house were sleeping. He don't know what happened. He heard lots of groans and shouts from the Empire State and saw the war. Will he let anyone know about the ability?

Chapter 1

What have I done?

I know you won't believe me. You'll tell me that I'm lying and such because you don't have an open mind. I don't want to tell you this but, I don't want this to be a secret. But first, promise me you'll believe me, ok? Ok. So, let me start. I was in school and the bell was about to ring. Our small-headed teacher, Mrs. Limed, gave us a homework.

"OK" she said "Class dismissed!"

When she said that, the bell rang and we all got up, said good-bye to Mrs. Limed and went out. The hallway was buzzing with students already once I stepped outside. There were lots of talking and such things that can annoy you. I ignored them and worked my way to the entrance. I went outside and climbed down the stairs and waited for a taxi. I don't have friends. I'm new at that school. The buses were already lining up on the street.

"Jonas" someone called

I looked back and saw Tammy. I don't know what happened but everything slowed down. As the angelic human walk towards me, I stare at her. She was the most perfect girl I've ever seen in my entire life. She stopped in front of me but I kept staring at her.

"Jonas" she yelled

I went back to reality and shook my head.

"Oh, Hi" I said shyly

"I was wondering if, you want to go with me in the plaza" she said "I wanted to see the living statues"

Well, today's the day were the charity thingy set something in the plaza. The children were painted with gold, silver and bronze colors and stand there for half an hour or more and act like a statue.

"O-Okay" I said

We hailed a taxi and climbed in. I got to seat with Tammy. I told the driver our location and went fast. I usually go home straight when school is finished and this is the first time I went out with a girl. I looked at her but she saw me looking at her so I looked back outside. After 30 minutes of waiting, we arrived. We paid and went out. The plaza was buzzing with people already. One statue, a girl painted in gold, was talking with someone and walked away. I didn't bother to know who they were and we proceeded to the other living statues.

"It's wonderful" Tammy exclaimed

I want to agree with her but I couldn't speak. I just nodded gracefully and walked in front of a statue. The statue was a boy, painted in silver. I was getting bored. I looked around but, the plaza still buzzing with people. My cellphone rang. I reach for it in my pocket and answered the call.

"Hello?" I asked

"Jonas? Why are you not here yet?"

It was Mom. See, she got used to me going home early.

"I'm here in the plaza with Tammy" I said

"Oh, okay. Be careful! Bye"

The call ended. I put back the phone and lost sight of Tammy. When I looked at the sky, there was a horse with wings. I was shocked and couldn't moved. The horse glided around the plaza and went north. Then, I turned around and bumped into the statue. He fell on his back.

"Oops, sorry"


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