Tell Them They Want Brains

New Year's approaching and everyone is getting excited. Unfortunately, a virus spread in California and everyone was infected. Lincoln Fleming, 14 years-old, heard the news and started packing. Another Unfortunately, the virus was a Zombie Virus called: Z3. The Zombies attacked and infect everyone until it spread to New York then the whole world. Will he survive?

Chapter 1

I heard the News

So, First, let me tell you how did it start. Oh by the way, right now, I'm inside this big warehouse. I'm alone but, I gather food as much as I can. Their moans outside kept me awake so, I want to tell you what exactly happened.

I was lying on the couch, watching TV. My parents were not home that day so I got to use the TV the whole day. I accidentally changed to News. I got interested and watched.

"Breaking News!" the reporter announced "There was an attack in California just right now. They said that the attackers were human. They captured one but unfortunately, it killed everyone'

My eyes widened. I sat and leaned on the couch.

"Ryan" the reporter called out

The scene changed and now shows Ryan Weatherman, another reporter. The background was a devastated burning house. He was shaking.

"Umm... Jerry, it's bad out here! SEND HELP!! IMMEDIATELY!!" he yelled

Then, a man appeared. He was soaked in blood and his neck was eaten. Ryan screamed and ran. The man faced the camera. I heard the cameraman's scream and then, the camera fell. There was moaning and groans. I grabbed the remote and changed the channel. Once I found the perfect channel, I lied down. I closed my eyes but the news won't go away from my mind.

I stood up and went to the kitchen to drink milk. I don't know if everyone saw the news but I guess they saw it. The telephone rang and I answered.

"Hello?" I asked

There was tires screeching. I heard someone cried.

"Hello? Who is this?" I asked again

Then, someone yelled.


It was my mother. My heart started beating fast.

"Hello? Mom, what's happening?" I asked

But all I can hear is screaming and crying. Then, the crash came. The colliding of metals to earth made an irritating sound. Then, everything went silent. I can hear fire burning and gasping.

"Mom?" I said

Then, I heard a moan.

"Thomas, Thomas, they're coming" Mom whispered

"Mom? MOM?"

It was Sadie.

"Sadie, Sadie, I'm here" Mom said

I heard something fell and guessed that they unbuckled there seat belts already.

"Come here honey" Mom said

I kept listening, not moving from my place. The moan was getting nearer and nearer and there were dozens of them.

"Hello? Lincoln"

"Yes, Mom?"

I realized I was crying.

"Pack your things" Mom said

Then, there was silence. I heard Sadie crying.

"I-I guess we will not be home by tomorrow" She said "W-We... Love you"

Then, my heart fell. Something hit my heart. Tears flow down my cheeks.

"M-Mom, I-I Love you too" I said

"Keep yourself healthy, ok?" she said

I continued crying.


Suddenly, she screamed. Sadie was screaming and I heard the moan. I heard Thomas grunt and Mom screaming. There was crunching sounds.


Then, the line went out. I was traumatized and couldn't move. I placed the phone back and the glass fell on the floor. I was left alone in the house.

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