Red Blood a One Direction Twilight Fanfiction

Bella Cullen is hopelessly addicted to One Direction. Edward gets her tickets to a One Direction concert for her "birthday" and unexpected things happen. Bella does not have Renesmee yet.

Chapter 1

The Concert

by: rumzy1
I sigh as I close my notebook. It has pictures of One Direction all over it. What I want most is to go to a One Direction concert for my birthday. I guess I technically don't have a birthday anymore since I am a vampire anymore, but still. I want to go. "What do you want for your birthday Bella?" Edward asks. We are all gathered in the living room and everyone waits to hear my answer. "What I want for my birthday, is it go to a One Direction concert" I say uneasily. I wait for them to burst into laughter, but they do not. Instead it is Edward who does. "You like One Direction?" he chokes out between laughs. "Yes. Why are you so surprised?" I ask him. "I just thought you have good taste in music. That's all." Edward says. "They are good! Also, you have to grant my wish, so buy me some tickets" I demand. "Okay, okay. Calm down." he reasons. "Thanks sweetie" I say sweetly. I then turn around and go back to my room to look at my pictures of them.

I walk downstairs, actually being excited for my birthday. "Hi everyone" I greet. "Hi Bella, ready to open presents?" Carlisle asks. "Sure" I say and head to the living room and sit down. Everyone has a package in their hands, although Edward's is an envelope. "Me first!" Alice chirps. I take it and open it. It is a stack of gift cards to different stores. "Oh thanks Alice" I say, smiling. Edward is last. "Here" he says and gives it to me. I slowly start to open it and find 2 sheets of paper in it. I pull them out and see they are One Direction tickets. "You actually listened!" I squeal. "Of course I did" Edward says. I turn the tickets over to see the date of the concert. It is tonight. "It's tonight! I have to start getting ready!" I say. "I'll help you!" Alice pipes up. We walk upstairs and three hours later I am ready.

We pull up at the concert a little early. We also have backstage passes. It is Rosalie and I who are going, Rosalie being as big of a One Direction fan as me. We get out of the car and head towards the ticket line. We give our tickets to the security guard but keep our backstage passes for after the concert. We have first row seats, so we sit down right in front of the stage. I am so excited about this, and so is Rosalie. "Thank you so much for wishing for tickets. I thought I was the only one that liked them" she whispers. "So did I" I agree. The concert then starts.

That was the best concert experience of my life. We get out of our seats and look for backstage. "Where do you think it is?" I ask Rosalie. "I see it! It's right there!" she says triumphiantly, pointing at a door that says BACKSTAGE on it in big letters. We start walking toward it when I am knocked down. I barely have time to scream before I hit the floor. Someone is on top of me, and they must be pretty strong to knock down a vampire. I feel the weight lift off of me and just lie on the floor. "Oh my gosh! I'm so sorry! Are you okay?" a Irish accent asks. I quickly get up to see Niall Horan staring at me, alarmed. "Yea, I'm fine" I say. I am talking to Niall Horan! "I'm so sorry, I didn't watch where I was going." he apologizes. It is then that I notice something wrong about him. Hie eyes are now burgundy and he smells like a vampire. He is a vampire. "Are you going backstage?" he asks. I just nod. "I'll show you the way" he says, smiling sweetly. I follow him to backstage. I see all the guys once I am in there, talking to Rosalie. "Guys, look who I found" Niall says. I step forward and they take me in. "Hi" they all say at the same time. I swear if I could still blush I would be. When I look at them more closely, I realise they are all vampires. Not only can I smell it but their contacts have faded and their eyes are now red. "Hi, I see you have met Rosalie" I say. We talk a lot more, and I find out that they were changed just a few months ago when they were walking to the bus from a concert. We tell them our story and they understand. They do not hunt humans, they just drink donated blood. "We still have not found somewhere to stay" Niall whines. "You guys can stay with us" Rosalie suggests. "Really?" Liam asks. "Sure, we will just have to tell the others" I pipe up, feeling left out even though I have been doing most of the talking. Rosalie flips out her phone and dials our home phone number. "Hello?" Carlisle's voice asks. "It's Rosalie, listen, Bella and I have a surprise for eveyone when we get home. You can not think about it around Edward. One Direction is coming with us to stay with us." Rosalie finishes. "Really? Are they vampires?" Carlisle asks. "Yes, but do not think about it, or steer clear of Edward, we want it to be a surprise. Okay?" Rosaliesays. Carlisle says okay and then Rosalie hangs up. "You guys can come. Follow us to the car" Rosalie says. They follow us, me constantly talking to Niall. He is so fun and sweet and funny, it is hard to resist him. We reach the car and Rosalie is driving. Liam is sitting next to her, Zayn, me, and Niall are sitting in the middle of the car, and Liam and Harry are in the back. I am sitting in a car with One Direction. I can't believe my luck. Especially that they are vampires and are immortal like me. We pull up in the driveway and Rosalie gets out first. She opens the door and I hear everyone greeting her. "Guys, Bella and I have a surprise outisde, but you can not freak out. Got it?" she asks. They all assure her that they won't and I say "That's our cue to get out of the car" as quietly as possible. We all get out, me leading the way. I knock on the door since it is locked and wait for it to open. Rosalie opens it and I walk in, the boys following me. The reactions are mixed. Edward's mouth drops open, Alice squeals, Esme looks like she want to hug us all, Carlisle is not surprised, Jasper is emotionless, and Emmett starts sobbing. "Emmett, what's wrong?" I ask. "I'm being replaced" he sobs. "By who?" I ask. He nods at Harry. I then realise that Harry has curly hair, muscles, and is famous. "Yep you're getting replaced" I say, smiling. "Does everyon know the guys?" Rosalie asks. "Yes, but perhaps we should introduce ourselves" Alice suggests. "Yes. This is Alice, Jasper, Carlisle, Edward, Esme, and Emmett" I introduce. Esme engulfs the boys in a big hug. "Welcome" she says and then releases them. "How long are you guys going to be staying?" Carlisle asks. "Well, actually, our manager said that we are taking a break from tour for 3-4 months. We would have stayed in Harry's house but it burned down." Liam says. "That's horrible" Edward says sympathetically. "Yeah, it was. My family burned with it" Harry says. Before we can say anything, Alice engulfs Harry in a hug. It is surprising to see that, as she is so much smaller than him. "You can stay as long as you want" Esme says. I show them to their rooms and they put their stuff in them. I feel so bad for Harry. I miss my family and they are not even dead. We all head back downstairs.

Everyone makes great friends with the guys. Emmett and Harry are best friends. Edward does not seem to like Niall much. even though I am great friends with him. Esme says Louis is like the son she never had. When Edward, Emmett, and Jasper complained that they were her sons, she said none of them was interested in shopping. Zayn is best friends with everybody. Liam is best friends with Edward. I really am glad that Rosalie and I went to the concert. I walk into the kitchen where everyone is and sit down when Edward comes rushing in. "We have some mail" he says. "From who?" Carlisle says. "The Volturi" Edward finishes.

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