DIRECTIONERS WE HAVE GOT TO FIX THIS!!! I'M LITERALLY CRYING RIGHT NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Chapter 1


I found a picture on facebook of Harry and Louis hugging. The caption said "Louis found Harry crying in a bathroom because he thought he was losing his fans over Haylor drama". So, please, no matter how much you hate her, please quit hating on Taylor or Harry. It can be our Christmas gift to Haylor. Please I beg of you. I CRIED! It takes alot to make me cry. Stop the hate. Suffer in silence. Repost if you give a crap. And facebook people, if you hated on Haylor, say sorry. They deserve it. We may hate it in the end, but Harry would be alot happier without our crap. :(


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