My Poems

Hey here are my poems ejoy :)

Chapter 1


Why are you doing this to me,
You bring me up,
Just to push me around,
You make me fall to the ground,
You make me crazy,
You flirt with me,
But you ask her out,
I dont understand,
why I let you,
But eveytime
I think im stronger
You pull me back in.

I am so done,
With you,
Don't talk don't talk,
To me,
Unless I talk to you,
I know it sounds selfish,
But I don't want to get hurt.

So repect my rules,
Because I'm hurting,
Inside I know guys,
Don't care,
But that them,
And i'm me,
So If you don't care,
I understand.
-Danielle Maire

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