Chapter 1

Crimson POV

"Crimson! Get up or you'll be late!" My mom screams at me from downstairs. Ugh... "Eh..... WAIT WHAT?!" I sit up straight, gaping at my clock. 7:23 AM. "WHY DIDN'T YOU WAKE ME SOONER?" I yelled, jumping out of my bed. I quickly brushed out my chest length dark brown reddish hair, my dark blue eyes looking wild. I pulled on my skimpy school uniform, which I hated, and raced downstairs. See, our uniform consisted of a kneecap length irish green skirt with a white shirt. Since it was Summer, we had to wear skirts. I was NOT girly. At all. "Because you should have set your alarm." My mother replied with a stern look. I rolled my eyes, saying, "I TOLD you, my alarm broke!" My mother pushed my lunch box into my arm and shooed me out of the kitchen. "Don't you even try using that tone of voice with me, young lady! Now out! Go to school!"

On my way to school, a weird black van drove in front of me, blocking the way to school. A man came out, slurring, "Hey baby.. Wanna ride?" I sneered, and backed off. "Leave me ALONE!" I yelled, beginning to run back home. But before I had a chance, the man grabbed me by my arm and covered up my mouth. Two other men came, one blindfolding me and gagging me, the other tying my hands behind my back. Tears stung my eyes as I was pushed into the van and driven to who knows where.

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