Tsunami Interactive

Ok, so an interactive works like this. You choose one of the numbers you would like to do below. In the next chapter, I'll tell you what happens. If you die you can start from chapter 1 again. Enjoy!
P.S.: There could be 2 right choices resulting in 2 different outcomes!
Put your number in the comments below if you want to.
The numbers with parentheses just tell which part this is in.

Chapter 1


You're at the ocean. You lay the blanket down on the beach and you go get some towels. After you arrange everything, you go surfing for an hour and come down. By now, you already see the sun setting over the horizon. You go eat dinner with a friend and then go for one last swim. As you approach the shoreline however, you see something rather peculiar. You know tide rises when the sun goes down, but the water quickly retreating. What do you do?
You ignore it. You just go to a point where the water is and start playing.
You climb as high as possible up a cliff with your friend and stay there.
You run and change in go into your car to drive for it.
You go and grab everything you need for survival and go to high ground.

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