He Loves me?

I got the call. It was McClain(who i have liked ever since i came to this new school) .He said,"hey,hope. can you by any chance come over and help me study tomorrow afternoon?" I replied "yea...i'd absolutely love to!" McClain said "ok...i can pick you up after school tomorrow"

Chapter 1

Ever Heard of kiss?

"well this is the livingroom,and thats the kitchen...",he said. his house was absolutely huge. "well my mom shouldnt be home until 8:30...soo we can study in my room"(he smiled and i suddenly had butterflies). expected. i followed him up the beautiful spiral staircase and into his room that had 2 wooden dressers and a soft plush carpet that i could probally sleep on. he motioned me over to his bed...but not in a totally creepy way. i sat next to him and he pulled out his text book and showed me his notes as we were sitting there talking about anything but math. he said " i dont know why i am asking but arent there 21 letters in the alphabet?" "there is 26...u can be soo stupid at times"(i smiled as cutely as possible) "oh yea i forgot 'u r a q t'(and he smiled brightly) "oh my gosh...that was sweet" "i meant it ...but what do we do now?'' i said "ever heard of.......kiss?" and slowly he leaned in bam i had my first kiss. it was the best thing ever he started slowly and softly and then i felt his tongue lick my lips begging for enterace so i opened it and he softly probed around my tongue and went back to normal, by then he had his hands on my hips pulling me closer and closer . next thing i know he was ontop of me and he pulled away for air and smiled and said "gosh ...i never thought you would be such a good kisser" i said "ah its something called natural talent" then he smiled...gosh his smile is absolutely perfect the way his brown hair fell right over his eyes and his slim face and brilliant blue eyes. before i knew it he was kissing me repedativly and was ontop of me again stroking my hips. he finally pulled away a went back to his side of the bed . "ummm...i was wondering if you would like to come to my party friday...there is going to be a lot of people here" he said "yes ofcourse ...what time does it start ?'' i said. "7:30-12:00" mcclain said "yea ill be there"...he drove me home at 7:30 and kissed me before i went in my house . mom and dad werent home yet...thank goodness....thanks for reading if you want more of my imaginary love story leave comments!!! :D


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