Read If You Care (or if you dont)

just stuff....

Chapter 1

Anyone there?

Well, I havent been here in a while, obviously. But then I realized, do I really need to come back. I dont really have any friends here. No one replys to me or sends me messages. No one reads my stories, takes my quizzes. But, I guess you cant have friends everywhere.

Im not my cheery self anymore. I dont even have to will to do what I like anymore. But you know, whateves. :/

So probably no ones gonna read this, so I dont expect I comment or reply. But does anyone wanna write a story with me? I love writing. Have some pretty good ideas, if anyone wants to. I hope thats a yes. Cuz, Ive been shy to do anything here.

Well, yeah. Thats pretty much it... my message box is always open (I get excited every time someone messages me!)

(Ps. please dont think Im an attention seeker. Its just how I feel and sometimes I express it in writing.)

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