Uh-oh..... (hetalia fanfic)


Chapter 1


Name: The Bermuda Triangle (usually called Bermuda)

Human Name: Brackenight Kraken

Age (human): ???? (really old)

Gender: Female

Family: Cuba is her cousin, shes distantly related to Belarus/Russia/Ukraine

Powerful Rating (on a 1-10 scale): 10

Cheerful/Innocent rating (on a 1-10 scale): 1

Creepy Rating (on a 1-10 scale): 12

Language: Nahuatl, all other languages except for Belarusian/Russian/Ukrainian

Favorite Foods: Berries, raw meat, her enemies

Friends: Cuba (well, sort of)

Enemies: Belarus, Russia, Ukraine

People shes afraid of: None

People who are afraid of her: Russia

Favorite Color: purple (shes obsessed with purple, dont ask me why)

Dream: Being ruler of the world

Special Powers: Making people disappear, freezing time (for up to 5 min.), turning invisible

Weapon of Choice: Dagger, magic powers, her hands

Description: Bermuda is a dangerous, powerful and intensely creepy girl with magic powers and bright, glowing yellow eyes. She appears skinny and small, but she is very strong and can wrestle a tiger to the ground. She is cannibalistic and superstitious, and the only person she cares about (besides herself) is her cousin Cuba, which results in it being very frustrating for her that he doesn't know she exists. She has harbored an intense and unexplained hatred of Russia, Belarus and Ukraine since... well, forever. Currently, Russia is the only country who knows she exists.

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