Stories With Unhappy Endings

Hopes are just naive jokes in the eyes of reality

Chapter 1


by: FerSure
Adaeze Siolan waited for her mother under the tree where she usually showed up after four in the afternoon, an hour later than what her daughter's school day finished. She was a busy woman, something that her daughter did not quite comprehend. Adaeze lived with the misconception about her mother hating her, and that made her days a thousand times worse because her mother was one of the three people that she felt comfortable with.

The second one in that list was named Xes Monaghan, and he was about as unusual as his name.

"Hello, my pelican." Xes greeted her, using his pet name for her. As Adaeze turned to look at the pale boy, he dropped his lanky body on the bench, sitting right next to her but keeping his distance because he was seeing somebody.

"Weirdo", she retorted, clicking the pen in her hand.

It was an old habit that helped cope with the anxiety. When she was around him, it seemed indispensable to do it.

"Waiting for your mum?" He asked, not out of curiosity but out of need to create a conversation because Xes was the kind of person who could not bear to be next to a person and keep his mouth shut.

"She's late" Adaeze replied, eyes set on the end of the street, hoping her mother's car would just appear magically.

"You should come inside. Keres, Farida and a couple of others are listening to Matchbook Romance and playing cards. It's not much, but it's something."

"No thanks, I'd rather wait here."

"Suit yourself, pelican" He told her, standing up and walking back inside the school.

Adaeze continued to be alone for what seemed like an eternity, but it was really just a period of ten minutes, until she found the silence unbearable. She found herself thinking crazy things: what if her mother had a car crash on the way to picking her up, and that was why she had not shown up yet? A million thoughts went through her mind, as she could not bear losing her mother, one of the only three things she had in this world.

When she got too uncomfortable to just sit and wait, she went back to the school to find someone with a cellphone- due to her cursed clumsiness, her last one perished and her mother refused to purchase a new one until Christmas. Of the few people she knew who owned cellphones, the only one she recalled staying so late after school was Keres Sutcliff, and she was the last person Adaeze felt like talking to. Still, she had to suck up her pride and muster the courage to ask for permission to make a phone call.

When Adaeze finally caught sight of the Goddess of all-things-Evil, she was entering a classroom. She sighed, dropped her books and bag next to a wall and ran to meet Keres before the door closed. She could feel every inch of her voluptuous body bouncing, but she tried to ignore it for the moment.

"Hey, Keres!" She called out, thing she did rarely, but desperate situations called for desperate measures.

"Siolan!" Keres answered, looking rather stunned. Adaeze ignored the nervous look on her face, and just asked for the phone.

"Of course you can, silly!" Keres told her, unzipping her bag. "Here, make sure you return it."

"Don't you want to- uh, stay around to make sure I don't run away with it?"

"I would, but" Keres said, pointing at the classroom "duty calls."

Adaeze nodded, then turned around, and as Keres entered the classroom, she started giggling like a Japanese school-girl because of the other one saying "duty calls." She turned on the phone and dialed her mother's number, which she already knew by memory. It rang for minutes, and Adaeze began losing her patience. Even worse, her fears intensified.

"Hello?" The voice came from the other end. She recognized it, and sighed in relief, from knowing her mother was okay.

"Mum, it's me." She told her, knowing her mother would recognize her peculiar tone of voice.

"Oh yeah, honey. Listen, my boss asked me to stay a few hours more. Can you get a ride from the twins?" Her mother asked, referring to Xes and Farida.

Adaeze listened with a new-found feeling of extreme apathy. It had not been the first time her mother put her job before her, and she really did not mind staying a few hours in the school. What bothered her was having to pester innocent bystanders- like the twins, the poor innocents who did not know what mess they had gotten into by befriending her- because of her mother's obsession with work.

"Okay." Adaeze told her just before hanging up.

Since Keres Sutcliff had not gone out of the classroom yet, Adaeze decided to enter and hand her the phone, no matter what was going on inside the room. She figured she would apologize to whatever teacher was there, and then exit the same way she came in. Her hand was already twisting the knob when she figured it would be rude to come in without knocking, but she decided it was too late for being polite.

And as soon as she laid eyes on the contents of the inside of the classroom, she ran out crying. She even took Keres's phone with her

What on Earth was going on in there?

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