Being a hedgehog. Ch #1

This is the "sequel" of the "book", Turning into a hedgehog. Look for those if you haven't read them to understand this a little better.

Grab some popcorn, Sit down, Read, Smile, Enjoy, Comment, Rate, thanks.

Chapter 1

Meeting them all.

As I stood up off of the grassy hill, and I helped my sister up. I whistled, that kind of whistle that you whistle whenever you see something shiny or very pretty, about the scenery, "Isn't that a darn good sight." Dawn nodded, "Yup. It's pretty good if ya ask me." We both were trying not to scream in delight, but we couldn't hold it in any longer. We hugged each other, screamed, and jumped in a circle saying, "We're going to see Sonic! We're going to see Sonic!" Just then we noticed that we were acting like 4 year olds and we let each other go and acted cool. I then said, "Yeah, Sonic..." Dawn smiled slowly and we both screamed, "Yay!" Just then a blue flash passed by them and they both turned their heads slowly and smiled at each other. I could guess what we both were thinking..."Oh, my, gosh! I think that was just Sonic!" I looked at the dirt that was a track to what, she thinks, Sonic left. Then the blue started coming towards them. It stopped right when it passed them and stepped back a few times. The blue hedgehog then turned around and asked, "Who might you be?" Midnight cleared her throat to speak, and Dawn answered, "I'm Dawn. She's Midnight. We're new here, and we have no parents or guardians to look after us and no place to stay. Will you please spare some money or a room of your home for us?" Sonic looked saddened by what her older sister, Dawn had made up. Sonic nodded, "Sure. Follow me. Sorry if you can't keep up. I'll take you two to my home." Dawn smiled, 'heartwarmed' and asked, "How ever may we repay you, kind sir?" Midnight rolled her eyes and whispered, "To stop lying, maybe?" Dawn, Sonic, and I then ran to Sonic's house and whenever they reached it, Sonic looked into the window. He nodded and walked back over to us and said, "Alright. All of my friends are in the living room. Be warned that my friends may ask you bunches and bunches of questions." Dawn and I nodded and Sonic opened the door. Everyone was talking to each other, Knuckles and Shadow were sitting next to each other while Amy and Blaze were talking. Tails, Cream, and Cheese were talking about a vacation somewhere near the beach while Silver had his arms crossed, on the couch near Blaze and was staring at her with love in his eyes. I laughed inside at the scene. Everyone was so happy talking to each other and not fighting. Sonic then said, "Everyone! This is Dawn and Midnight. They will be staying here for a while until they can find their own homes, or they will stay here forever and be one of us." Everyone went silent and Silver hovered over. He looked at us both with suspicion and asked, "Where do ya'll come from? I've never seen you before..." Silver landed onto the ground and Dawn said, "We came from somewhere unknown to you, and it will take a million years to tell it all, plus it is to painful to talk about, so I'd rather not speak of it, and Midnight won't want to speak of it either, since we left whenever she was so young, she can barely remember a thing." Silver looked unsatisfied, yet nodded slowly, "Alright. I can deal with that answer..." I looked at my sister in disbelief and she smiled back at me. Amy jumped up and ran over to us, while Blaze gracefully got up and walked over slowly. Blaze then nodded and said, "Greetings, Dawn and Midnight." We both nodded and Amy said, "Hi. I'm Amy. Sonic's girlfriend." Amy smiled really big and hugged Sonic. Sonic tried to get her off and shrugged. Shadow lowly laughed and said, "I think that Amy is jealous of our guests." Amy let go of Sonic, looked at Shadow, put her hands on her hips, and said, "I am not jealous. I just don't want this...Dawn to take him from me. Because he's mine. Forever and ever." She hugged him again and Sonic gave up trying to push her away. Sonic then slipped through her grasp and quickly led us to our new rooms. He showed Dawn's room first and the room was a beautiful light pink with dark and regular pink spots. Dawn had gasped and said, "It's...Beautiful. I love it." Sonic smiled, "That's nice to know." Sonic then led me further down the hall and Shadow passed us going into, what I guess was, his room. He left the door open and I saw that he was looking through a box of guns. I quickly passed that room and joined Sonic at the room right next to it. Sonic then said, "This. Is your room." It was a black colored room. It looked at if fire was coming out of the floor onto the walls, but it was just painting. The bed was a girl one with what she though was a mosquito net, yet dark. The bed was black, the dresser was black, the closet was black, and as ironic as this sounds...The clothes were all black too. I smiled and said, "I like it. Thank you, Sonic." Sonic bowed and stood upright, "You're welcome, Midnight. Oh, and don't disturb Shadow while he's looking through his guns...that usually means that he's mad at Knuckles...or Amy." Shadow's voice sounded and I heard him say, "I'm not mad at anyone, Sonic! Stop telling lies to our guests! If you keep on doing that they will be afraid of me and will never talk to me again." Sonic rolled his eyes and asked, "Then what are you mad at?" I saw that Shadow had come toward Sonic with a AK-47 and he clicked it ready to shoot, "A fly keeps on disturbing me." He then walked away and I heard gunshots and then he said, "Success." I laughed inside again and Sonic said, "I better go see what Shadow has damaged...again..." Sonic then walked away. I nodded and looked around her room, "I'm going to like it here..." Sonic then yelled, "Shadow?! Why did you shoot my new couch?!" Shadow's voice sounded, "The fly was on it! Problem?!" I laughed at the two, maybe, friends fighting over why he shot the couch.


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