You be Romeo, and i'll be Juliet. (1D Story)

Protagonist is Mickey Grace. She's currently 18 finishing off her last 2 weeks of high school. Her birthday is on September 19. Her hair is long and curly dirty blonde, blue-grey eyes, and tan skin. She's 5'5.
Yeah, I got a billion stories, whatever :p

Chapter 1

Seinor year

Two weeks. Two weeks before I graduate. I wake up and yawn, before waking up my 13 year old brother, who's gonna be a 14 year old freshman next school year.

"Cato, wake up." I urged him, shaking his shoulders. His brown blonde hair quiff moved on his head like it was marbles dropped out of its bag and spreaded across the floor. And yes, his name was Cato. Like the Hunger Games.

He growled. Did I say he was a fiesty 13 year old boy? No? Well, he is.

"Okay, fine, Mickey! " Cato groaned, and he rolled over, moving his head under his pillow.

I scoffed and ripped the covers off his bed and he screamed bloody murder.

"MICKEY! WHAT THE HELL?! I'M UP!" Cato yelled, and he jumped up from his bed, shoving me aside as he trudged into the bathroom, and slammed the door.

"He needs anger management." I said to myself.

Let's go CRAZY CRAZY CRAZY till we see the sun

My phone went off and I took it from my back pocket, looking at the caller ID and closed the door on the way out. It was my best friend, Jazmine.

"Yellow?" I answered, and she shreiked into the phone. Real smooth, girl.

"MICKEYY! YOU WON'T BELIEVE THISSSS!!!" Jazmine shreiked and I had to move the phone from my ear.

"Is it that you have to take me to the hospital? I think my ear's bleeding." I stated, and rubbed my ear.

"Nope! I got One Direction tickets for their concert!" Jazmine shreiked once more and I was glad I had it from my ear this time.

'NO FREAKING WAY!" I shreiked back and smirked.

"WAY! It's on friday! We'll call in sick and go to the concert!" Jaz said and I can imagine her freaking out.

"Okay. I've got to wake up my siblings." I told her, and she responded with "okay, bye" and we hung up.

I then woke my youngest sibling, my little brother named Seth.

"Sethy?" I asked him. He was a cute four year old and completely an angel. He fluttered his eyes opened and grinned at me.

"Hi Mickey." He giggled and I hugged him and stroked the hair upon his head.

"Hi, get ready." I said gently and he nodded. I kissed his hair, sat up, and walked out of the room, listening to One Direction and walked to my room.

My room was HUGE. I had two big floor to ceiling glass windows and a little balcony. The walls were a light purple with a lot of shelves for my things; trophies, and other stuff. There was a few vintage posters, with Ed Sheeran, One Direction, the Beatles, etc. Then there was a full sized bed with some striped bedsheets of light purple and white. There was a soft sofa, and I mean soft. My two baby puppies sat on the sofa. Their names were Liam and Jc. I had three more, but Cato, Seth, and Connor all had to have at least one. Jc was always annoying Liam, which made Liam whimper. Then Jc started biting Liam's ear.
I chuckled at Jc and shook my head, then the daddy and mummy of the babbies came out of their little dog house in my room. I had the mom and dad too cause according to the boys, they were old and boring. I picked up Socks, the dad, and decided to be funny.

"Aren't you a gangster? Ain't that right, Socks?" I asked him and he looked at me like "Wtf?" and I answered for him, "That's right, biitch."

I laughed at myself and set Socks down, then walked over to my desk and checked my phone, to find no missed alerts, and went on the computer and checked my twitter, youtube, facebook, all that. I popped open a can of Arizona Tea and got dressed quickly.

I hopped around tying my shoe and sipping my AriZona, then Socks came near me and I slipped, and miraculously didn't spill my Arizona.

I checked my phone and noticed it was 7:20. I then grabbed my backpack and ran downstairs.

"Come on, boys! Connor! You drive yourself! Seth, Cato, come on." I told them and they ran out to my car and got in.

I then walked out the door and locked it, then walked to the car, got inside, and started it, then turned up the heat. I put my jacket on and buckled. Then I drove Cato to middle school and Seth to the daycare, then I drove to my high school, parked, turned off the engine and sighed.

Come on, two weeks. I told myself and then I got out, locked it, and walked inside the big doors into hell, or school.

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