Chapter 1

questions about me

About me ~

Full name: Justice Lachlan Brynes
DOB: 04. 01. 1994
Country: Australia
Age: 18
Handed: Right
Crush: some for me to know and you to find out later :P
Celebrities crush: Taylor Swift ;] & fuqing Adam Lambert ;] (if I was a girl but his gay so its awkward :o)
Zodiac: idk
Grade: don’t go to school.
Pets: well I got five siblings and a son does that count ? xD nah three cats (Ginger, Scooby and Silver) like 10 fish.


Eyes: Blue, Green and Grey
Hair: Black
Tall: Noo! Ima midget !
Skin: Tan ish white O.o


Colour: Purple, yellow and balck
Band: Asking Alexandria, MCR, Slipknot, Korn (bands like that)
Male singer: ADAM LAMBERT !!!
Female singer: TAYLOR SWIFT !!!
Movie: Idk
Show: I don’t watch tv…
Music: Rap, scream, rnb and shiit like that…
Movie Genre: anything
Food: its food….. YUM!!!!


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