Best Friends

Chapter 1

Setting up

“Hey Tyler” Kacey ran up to her best friend. “Hey” he smiled, “Are you ready for the Christmas party?” He asked sitting down at the favorite table in Carl’s Taco Shop. “Yes, I can’t wait I heard Toms going” she glowed just saying it, she has liked him since 9th grade and they were in their 12th year now. “Yeah I heard” Tyler said trying not trying to sound annoyed, he brushed back his brown wavy hair. He was in love with Kacey since the 2nd grade, when he saw her with her two blond braids and piercing blue eyes that were icy blue, He instantly fell in love with her.

He sat there thinking about that day. They were in Music Class, when the music teacher said, “Who knows the song, ‘Secret Song for You’ and is willing to sing it in front of the class?” Kacey’s hand slid up silently. “Ok Kacey go ahead stand up in front of the class and sing, please.” Little Kacey hesitantly stood up got in the middle of the class, and started singing, it was jaw dropping. No one spoke, everyone sat there still as they could. Everyone stood und and clapped when she was finished singing you could tell she was nervous but she was so good it didn’t matter.

“Tyler?” she looked overly concerned. “Yes?” she smirked and threw a piece of tomato at him. ”Hey!” he got up and went to her side of the booth and wrestled with her. She was on top of him, her lips so close to his. He leaned in a little closer. She leaned his slowly and as he felt he breath, he heard him. “Hey guys get a room” Tom yelled his black straight hair and his olive green eyes. Kacey jumped up “Hi, Tom” Tyler roller his eyes getting up. “Hey Tom” he growled. “Can’t wait for the party, Kacey” He winked, and walked away.

“Your house?” Tyler asked hopping in the front seat of Kaceys car. “Sure, do you want to help set up for the Christmas Party?” She asked. “Sure, I’d love to help” he said starting up the car. The car ride was filled with loud music and Kacey singing along with the radio, he loved listening to her sing. She was amazing! But she didn’t think so; she just did it because she loved singing.

They pulled over in the drive way of her two story house; it was a pretty big house. It was surrounded by the woods. It was so beautiful, out there. She ran up and unlocked the door, they walked in. “Mom, I’m home!” She called out. There was no reply, “Mom?” Tyler said after he cupped his hand. Kacey playfully hit him in the stomach, “You know my mom hates it, when you call her mom” She laughed. “Let’s just start setting up, Shall we?” He asked. “Sure I’ll go get the boxes.”
They finished decorating and they were exhausted, but the house looked amazing. Tyler sat down on the couch. Kacey laid down and laid her head on his stomach. “I’m so excited for tomorrow” she said looking up at him. “I know, It’s going to be fun” He yawned. They heard the door open, “Kacey, will you help me with the groceries, I bought a lot for tomorrow” He mom called. “Yeah” Kacey screamed getting up off Tyler.

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