Best Friends

Chapter 2

Getting Ready

Kacey was helping her mom cook for the Christmas party, when there was a knock on the door. “I’ll get it’s probably, Tyler” Kacey said wiping off her hands and rushing to go get the door. She swung the door open, “Tom… What are you doing here?” she said trying to fix her messed up hair. “I thought you could you use some help” He laughed he wiped of flour of her cheek. He left his hand on her face, Butterflies formed in her stomach. He inched closer, slowly and gently. He got closer and closer. “Hello? We have a lot of work to do!” Tyler interrupted, annoyed.

Why? Why did he have to prance in and ruin everything? Tyler and Kacey were finally getting closer and now he just has to work his magic and Tyler’s out of the picture again. It was hopeless no madder how hard Tyler worked; she would never feel the same. He was just her shoulder to cry on, when thing didn’t go well. Or the person she turned to when she was bored. But never a boyfriend. That’s unthought-of to her.

They all went in and finished all the cooking, with an hour to spare. Kacey looked at her phone “We have an hour to get ready and I look disastrous. Thanks for all you help guys” she kissed both of them on the cheek and ran upstairs to get ready. When she got to get ready her thoughts were running a million miles a minute. What should she do first? It hit her; she had to take a shower first.

After she took a shower and curled her hair. Her makeup took longer than expected but she had to look great. After she got done with her makeup, she had to figure out what to wear she had to look great to night. She could feel something wonderful was going to happen, so she had to look absolutely gorges. She looked through her closet, and she finally found it. It was perfect! It was a white dress that came down to her knees, and pretty silver beads lining the bodice.

She slipped into the dress; it was even more perfect on her. Her curves fit just right. She admired herself in the mirror. She remembered she had the perfect shoes. She ran to her closet, they were sliver flats with little beads. She slipped them on. She was finally ready. She took on final look in the mirror and ran downstairs to get all the food set up, before everyone got there.

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