My New Hetalia OCs~ (Otherworldly OCs are included~) -UPDATED-

My New Hetalia OCs~ (Otherworldly OCs are included~) -UPDATED-

-Important Note Concerning RPing Rights-
For each OC profile, I will have a section at the bottom that says either "Open", "Taken", or "Pending". If rights to an OC are open, the first person who messages me is the one who gets RPing rights, in which case I will then change the rights status to "taken". If you want to RP as one of my OCs, but aren't sure, message me and the status will be "pending". After confirmation, I will change the status to "taken". If you don't want it, it will be open.

Chapter 1

First OC: Panama

by: Alastor_
Human/True name: Ysabel (no last name known)
Age: Unknown

Basic Stats
Height: 5'5"
Weight: 113 lb.
Body type: Slim/average

Hair: Chest-length, medum brown, straight, slight bangs
Eyes: Blue-gray, become more blue in warm weather and more gray in cold weather
Skin: Light, no freckles, nearly flawless
Clothing: Usually wears a knee-length, white satin dress; intricate gold armbands; a strange pendant on a thin gold chain; does not wear shoes

Special Traits/ Defining Characteristics
-Has large white wings, like those of an angel, of which the origin is unknown.
-Is almost always accompanied by a small, winged rabbit-like creature which she calls her "familiar".
-Is very observant and remembers nearly everything, even the tiniest details.

-Calm and helpful most of the time, but can't stand Peru, Chile, and Bolivia
-Skilled at hiding her true feelings
-Is often quite secretive
-Not moody, but easily becomes melancholy when it rains
-Doesn't mind silence, but hates being bored
-Detests big changes
-Usually busies herself by helping others
-Trusts everyone until they give her a reason to distrust them

-Seems weaker when her familiar is not with her

RPing rights

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