Everything at once - A Niall Horan Love Story

Nylah is a warmhearted, shy and talented daughter of a stuck up, rich, business woman living with her grandparents.One day when Ny ditches her mom's high style party, to meet up with her talkative and good looking best friend Nia to show off their musical talents to their neighbors like any other day. She then realizes that one night could change her life forever.
~Shanzay Zamar~all rights belong to me :p

If you find any errors please tell me 'cause im bad at grammer,but I try
I love 1D

Chapter 1

Trust At First Sight

Nylah's Description
Eyes: Greenish-Blue
Hair: wavy, blonde and short
Age: 18
Qualities: shy at first, talkative, sarcastic, friendly, loves soccer, athletic, likes the colour orange, loves food
Dislikes: Disney, hate, directionators, and bullies
Nylah's P.O.V
I was re-considering the thought of accepting my mom's video chat, and of course my grandpa told me he would cover me up while I'm gone. Oh, how grateful I am of my grandparents. While my mom was too busy being rich and stuck up, they were there to help and raise me. "HELLO ......?" I was rattled when I heard my mom's loud, annoying, piercing, and stuck up voice and came back to reality to hear my mom talk to me about her party. How am I supposed to behave and talk to her politely when she's so annoying????? At a point I thought my ears where going to bleed. "Mom, yes I am going to be coming and look I even wore the dress you sent me, it is very beautiful" I said in a recognizable annoyed voice. (Nylah's dress http://www.polyvore.com/cgi/template?id=459665 )
After that there was an uncomfortable silence, like my mom was analyzing me or something …… and then she spoke "the dress is okay but try wearing more makeup next time".
Ugh everything I do isn't enough for her that is why I love my grandparents; they support me for who I am. Then, like on cue I saw out of the corner of my eyes my grandpa give me a thumbs up and mouthed " You're always beautiful Nylita" personally I don't like being called that, but my grandparents are the only ones allowed. I mouthed "thank you" back. My grannie motioned me towards the clock signalling that I should probably leave now.
"Bye, bye mom .... Yes, I will take the Lamborghini not the bike..... Okay bye mom I-I lov- ... I love the dress" even if I try those words will not come out of my mouth. I finished the video chat without my mom’s farewell because; honestly she wouldn't shut up about how awesome her party is. Once I told my grannie that I was going to be back by 2 AM, she questioned me at first but then gave up. I gave her a big fat kiss on the cheek and took my bag full of stash with me outside. (bag= http://www.polyvore.com/cgi/set?id=67600949 ) When I closed the door I ran up to the road (A/N there are no people in sight for about a mile 'cause she lives out of town') and found a tree to change behind, just for self-security issues. I slid out of my dress; don't get scared I was wearing faded blue jean shorts and a neon pink tank top. Then I unzipped my bag, threw in my dress and took out a loose sweater, along with blue Supras (shoes). I rushed putting on my sweater and threw my rather expensive heels in the bag, slipping on the Supras. At the end I took off my earrings and tied my hair into a high pony, oh, I almost forgot to put my clutch in the bag. (Nylah's outfit = http://www.polyvore.com/cgi/set?id=67597318 )
When I checked if I wasn't wearing anything too fancy, which I wasn't, I zipped up my bag and whistled. After a few seconds Bob, my very loyal pet, came running up to me and slobbered me with kisses. I was a little annoyed at first but then he stopped, so it wasn't that bad. I dangled the bag in the air as if I was teasing him; he jumped up, grabbed the bag in his mouth and ran back to the house. Now all I have to do was call my bestest besty in the world. She was perfect, well in my opinion. She had long, brown, wavy hair that lay perfectly on her shoulders and sparkling green eyes. She was athletic and blunt; everyone admired her of her guts and brains, while I admired her of her caring qualities. She's one of those people that can either make you want to kill her or love her for eternity. I took out my phone from my pocket to give her a quick text
Nylah: hey, get the keys I'll pick u up in 5 <3
I was getting on the bike when I received a text almost instantly
Nia: HEY I'm soooooooooo excited and hurry up I'll be waitin
I put my phone back in my front pocket, secured my helmet, (safety first) and then waited a little to excelerate my bike. I took off in a matter of time. I was actually surprised that I didn’t speed up because I usually get tickets but, my mom has a thing with the office so they just give plenty of last warnings and leave me. Well, at least I'm glad to have her for that.

Please tell me if you want me to upload the next chapter. :D:P if you want me to do a story on another band member, message me.......................... bye !!!!


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