You're Pretty Cool (Soul Eater Love Story)

You're Pretty Cool (Soul Eater Love Story)

This story mainly revolves around the ups and downs of Shizu Tenshi, a quiet, smart, powerful weapon and meister of the DWMA . She has a major crush on Soul, and soon enough, they become partners. But will new feelings arise in some of her other friends, like Black Star and Kid ? find out when you read ! p.s- this story will drift in and out of the anime and manga storyline. okay thanks if you actually read this ! :D

Chapter 1

Chapter One

Today was just another day at the Death Weapon Meister Academy, or DWMA for short. I flopped out of my bed and put on a simple grey tank top and black, baggy jeans, with a hood covering my face, partly because I wanted too, and partly because of the creepy/cool looking sun blasting down heat. I walked from my apartment alone to the DWMA, a.k.a the Death Weapon Meister Academy, because I didn’t have a partner. I just walked through the ‘perfectly symmetrical halls’ –as Kid would say- into Professor Stein’s class and sat in my seat, which was in between Kid and Soul. Kid I had no problem with, considering he was my only friend since I had left my home in Washington to Death City, Nevada. My problem was my shyness. I never really had the courage to talk to anyone except Kid, although most students thought it was because I didn’t like them or wanted to talk to them. More specifically, my problem was Soul.
Soul Eater Evans. The boy with sharp teeth, pure white hair, and crimson red eyes. He was one of the coolest people I’ve ever known, and one of the most attractive. He always seemed cool and collected, and nonchalant about anything. Oh, how I wished I could be like him . oh, how I wish I could be with him. No , I shouldn’t be speaking like that. I can’t let my emotions get the better of me. Not after what happened last time.
I was still deep in thought when a dissecting tool flew by my head, sticking into the desk/row behind me, resting less than an inch from my ear. I didn’t flinch. I was trained not to. I simply looked up from my notes to see Stein staring at me.
“ You know you really should pay more attention in class, Shizu.” He said in a lazy, bored tone, knowing I wouldn’t listen. I felt a tap on my left shoulder and looked to see Kid tapping on my shoulder. I pulled out one of my earphones, so I could hear him better. “Hey Shizu, would you like to hang out with me and my friends today?” I looked up at him, basically questioning him.
“ You always look so lonely after school, and I thought you might want some more friends, plus, I want another chance to see your perfectly symmetrical face!” He basically squealed at the last part. I didn’t understand how my face was symmetrical, although for some reason it caused my face to heat up, although Kid couldn’t see it.
“Uh.. sure, why not?” I replied. Then the class ended and so Kid and I walked to our next class, talking about nonsense. Since I felt so close to him, we could talk about absolutely nothing and enjoy ourselves. I hadn’t even noticed me pulling down my hood, letting my hair fall down my shoulders. I didn’t even notice the stares people were giving me either. I was too busy talking to Kid.

Time Skip

The final bell of school had rung and it was now the end of the day, and the end of the week. All day I had been dreading this moment for hours. My music couldn’t even soothe my mood, and I felt uneasy. Right now I was walking with Kid to who knows where , trying to make an excuse to back out of this.
“Uuuhh… My dog is probably worried about me, I should probably get back to her right now. So bye!” I tried to weasel my way back home when a hand caught my left arm, causing me to hiss in the pain. Kid quickly let go. “Sorry, Shizu. I forgot . But you are NOT backing out of this one.” He laughed lightly. He basically got me laughing too.
After a little more walking, we appeared at a basketball court, with a bunch of people standing around, like they were waiting for something. They couldn’t be waiting for me and Kid, could they? I scratched the back of my head out of nervousness.
“Hey, it took you long enough! You know you shouldn’t keep a big star like me waiting!” Shouted a blue haired boy with a star on his right arm. “Black Star, it’s okay, he was just bringing Shizu,” Explained a tall girl with a very long ponytail. I just stood there nervously, tracing along my scar lightly. “Hey Kid, who’s this?” Asked a tall girl with long blonde hair, who I presumed to be one of Kid’s weapons. “Yeah, I want to know, I want to know!” excitedly shouted a shorter, cuter, and bustier version of the tall blonde, who I figured was the Tall one’s sister, and Kid’s other weapon, since he had two weapons, to be symmetrical.
“Everyone, this is Shizu. Shizu, this is everyone.” He explained and pointed at everyone and introduced them to me . I smiled shyly as they started to make teams for a basketball game . I just sat on a bench by the basketball court, watching people argue who was on which team .
“ Hey, Shizu, do you want to play?” I heard a nonchalant voice say. I looked up to see Soul looking down at me . I waved my arms in front of me really fast. “ Oh no, I’m fine , thanks. Really !” He shrugged . “ Okay, whatever.” And he walked back onto the court . The teams were figured out and everyone started to play . I was focused in on Soul. His swift movements, his relaxed composure, the way he smirked when he made a basket, showing off his sharp teeth. I was mentally swooning over him. Little did I know, an hour passed, and everyone was leaving . So , I instinctively stand up and start to walk home. I put in my earphones and begin to sing a little bit of A-Team By Ed Sheeran on the walk home .
Kid’s P.O.V
I watched quietly as Shizu walked away. She was truly beautiful, and symmetrical! The way she talked, the way she walked , the way she sang. If you drew a line in the middle of her, you could fold her perfectly. I just wish I could know more about her.
Soul’s P.O.V
All throughout the game I noticed out of the corner of my eye, I saw that girl, Shizu, watching the game intently, more specifically, me. Why would she be looking at me? Did she like me or something? Wait, why would I even care? So not cool.
After my team had won, I began to walk over to my motorcycle to get home, when I heard singing. It was Shizu, singing beautifully, with her hair flowing lightly behind her from the breeze. She looked.. amazing . Wait, me, finding someone attractive? That’s SO not cool. I sighed and rode home, with Shizu on my mind.

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