The love of a soldier (captain america love story for AlicenPotter789)

Chapter 1


'There are people in there'
'Captain you can't the building is about to fall you'll be crushed'
'Listen to me' The super soldier brought his face close 'My duty is to the people, i'm prepared to put my life on the line to save theirs' And with that he ran straight into the burning building. 'Hello' he called through the smoke and was replied by a faint cough. A girl was trapped and slowly loosing consciousness, he knelt down by her and whispered, 'Do worry, i'll get you out of here' with surprising ease he lifted the rubble off the girl and scooped her into his arms, he looked down at her ash covered face, when he got out of the building he dropped to his knees and wiped some of the dirt off of her face with a delicate movement of his thumb

'This women needs help' he called and paramedics rushed over to help as the hero rushed back into the building to serve his duty to the people

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