The truth of Love

The truth of Love

The times i need her, she is there. Hope you all enjoy!

Chapter 1


another Saturday night staying home, watching movies. it is around 10 o'clock, with the family but feeling alone. Feeling myself drift out of consciousness and into a dream. i go to my room to rest my head. i fall flat onto my bed, my bed engulfs me as if it was a cloud. my eyes close and the scene changes.

i wake up to a new morning, a new room, new bed, new pillows, new sheets, alll is new...but the figure next to me. she seemed to have been a goddes, a queen of beauty. her hair masked her face, but u could see bits of her face, not enough to make her out. but i knew who it was. the long brown silk-like hair. her soft skin could be seen though the hair, knowing the rest of her was as smmooth and wouldd be a warm sight for soar eyes. she wore pj's to compliment her beauty and softness adn warmth. With a picture of a cute loving owl across the shirt.

after admiring her sleeping, she moved a bit. closer to me, her arms wrap around my chest, where they belonged. i then wrapped my arms around her, and didn't feel alone. she had the beautiful aroma of fresh sweet fruit. her warmth made me feel at home while she was in my arms. i then slowly removed her hair from her face. not to wake her, but to see the beautiful face of the goddess.

i moved her hair behind her ears. her ears where as warm as the rest of her. she seemed as tho she was made for cuddling and loving. her revealed face couldn't have been more beautiful. she looked so at peace in my arms asleep. i could tell she was happy where she was too. her face resembled the work of the gods, as if the gods chiseled her from marble and brought her to life in my arms. As if i had my own Aphrodite in my arms to love and care for.

She slowly began to wake up. Moving and stretching a bit, but never leaving my arms. Before she opens her eyes, i meet her lips. the kiss light a spark that shined and brightened up the room. flames of passion ran though each kiss we gave each other. holding her close, as she held me. neither of us wanted to leave the other's lips. it was a spell of love, that we both were victims to. i could tell that she was happy to awaken from this, she smiled that cute innocent natural smile. when our lips parted, she looked straight into my eyes.

"good morning my love" she said in a soft soothing voice that could only match her beauty. she ran her fingers over my chest and played with my chest hair. All i could do was smile, and feel at whole when i am with her. she felt my heart pounding, and she knew that i was speechless and breathless as i usually am.

she slowly moved her hand over to mine and inter winded our fingers and rested her head against my chest. She loves to listen to my heart beat. i ran my fingers though her hair and rubbed her back as we relax. no words needed to be spoken, we both felt the love between us, and we both knew it was real. i then brought her hand to me, and kissed every finger, each with love. She is my world, i don't know any other world without her in my life.

We go to give each other another kiss. my eyes close as i feel her soft lips meeting mine. the sensation was one she always gave me, that never gets old. i feel her lips leave mine. i open my eyes. i awake in a room, alone. with familiar settings, similar bed, similar sheets. i look over to where she would sleep. i feel sad that i didn't have more time with her. i take the water on my bed stand and drink heavily, when i hear a vibrate. i look over at my phone.

"good morning love, how did you sleep" is what she texted me, with hugs and kisses. even if she wasn't with me that night, and it was all a dream. i didn't feel so alone, because she was still there for me. One day, that dream will be a reality, one day we will be together. We love each other so much. and i am happy to have her. I love her


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