Destiny's Children

No copyright infringement from the name of the old Destiny's Child group.

Please I need support on this story if you want me to continue. Please no bashing or flaming any of my characters but explain how I can better them.

I'm not a good writer but I try to learn from my readers. Inbox me or comment below so that I'll know if my writing just sucks.

;) Thanks to all that give this story a try!

Chapter 1



`Forks, WA in 1990'
A finger tapped on the kitchen table in a dreary little town of a big yet seemingly small house that was extremely silent except for the slight tapping sounds echoing off the old, chipped round table. The finger was connected to a hand, that was small in comparison to a compact mirror opened and closed, that belonged to Cassandra Swan. She was thinking about her life and how it had changed between the time she finished up college and met Charles Swan down at the station when her dog was missing. Charlie had almost been love at first sight until Cassie remembered her heritage and what it meant for her and her entire existence. The marriage was two years after that destined meeting and she soon found herself hopelessly in love with him and he the same for her. Bella, Charlie's oldest and only daughter, had took a liking to her from their first meeting. Renee and her were close friends because of the vacations they took in Florida along with Bellla. Now here she was back in Forks feeling a small bit of misery but also feeling her heart race as she thought of the memories she and Charlie made in this house.

The funniest feeling came over her and she threw her hand over her mouth before running to the bathroom and spewing the breakfast that she had worked so hard making for Charlie into the cold terrain of the toilet. It felt awful as she practically emptied the entire contents out of her stomach. Cassie tried to keep her hair away from the nasty chunks and the toilet that somehow managed to still smell like bathroom cleaner from last night's throrough cleaning. She knew what she had to do but could she leave Charlie to fend for himself with a broken heart the size of Texas sitting on his shoulder. Her mother told her that when this happened to run from them as soon as possible. She started crying so hard that her stomach ached but soon her throat closed until she couldn't find the air to even breathe. A hand over her stomach and a whispered word took her away from the safety of Charlie's warm but quiet home.

*************The End**************

It's a small part of what this story means and how it begins. I'm sorry if there are a lot of blanks but inbox me and I'll give you a better written version. ;)


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