The Maze

This story may be slow at first, so if you wanna, skip ahead but at least try to read all of it. It's about a girl who experiences something absolutely amazing but finds out a disappointing truth. Please read this and spread the word about it. Thankyou so much!!

Chapter 1

My First

by: Hori0
Ms.Saki, introduced me to all the students in the room. One that caught my attention was a blonde boy I'd say about 5 inches taller than me. Wow I didn't know any guys in America or China who was that handsome.
"Good Morning Scarlet. My name is William and its an honor to meet such a beauty." I blushed thinking 'such a prince!!'I smiled back. Class started and I got to learn more about all the students there. One of the girls in my class, Tomo, became my best friend. She's so nice and lovable!

"Hey Scarlet. Look at that guy over there. Everyones talking to him but he's ignoring them and has his head down."
"Hey new kid!! What's your name? Kazuki right?" a majority of them asked. He finally looked up. And said- "Yeah that's my name. Why?"
"Cuz your such loner. We all feel bad for ya. We wanna be friends so the class will be funner!"
"blush Fine then. You are my first group of friends." He said as he playfully punched the other guys around.
I guess that Kazuki guy is just shy until someone gives him the feeling of being wanted, then he lightens up.
He looked straight at me. I smiled and waved hi. He waved back and said,
"You... I heard you the other day saying something about that guy William. Look, I don't care who you grow to like but stay away from him. He isn't exactly what he seems." I then ruffled his hair and said,
"Haha, guess you like him too " He shook his head and gave me a pitiful look.
Things were ordinary, Kazuki and Tomo became my good friends(very playfull ones). Every day was the same, until one day something extraordinary happened.
"Aw Will is so cute!! Right?,"I asked Tomo.
"Yeah. ALL the girls in the school love him. Even guys!" We laughed.
"Any ways I'll see you later. Gonna walk home today. See ya later!"I waved bye then started exiting the school until a hand pulled me into the green bushes. As any girl would normally do I freaked out and used my suit case to hit the suspect on the head. I opened my eyes to see if he was dead. My eyes widened and who pulled me in the bushes??! Will!
"Oh Will I'm so so so sorry. Are you okay? I just thought you were some bad guy trying to kidnapp me. I'm so-" I was cut off by his finger to my lips.
"Haha it's okay. I'm fine. But there's something I wanted to tell you. I like you. Do you... feel the same way?"
"...Y-yeah I do." My eyes widened and I blushed.
"Good. Well I guess you and I are lovers. Sorry to stop you so abruptly. Here, as an apology I'll walk you home."he said joyfully.

I was ecstatic and so thrilled about how my relationship with Will would go. The only thing I wondered was why out of all the Will-crazy fan girls, did he pick me to be his girlfriend? And also, why did Kazuki tell me to stay away from him? Oh well, no use thinking about that. I should just be happy!

School went on and instead of hanging out with Tomo all the time, I hung out with Will.
"Scarlet, are you free on saturday? I'd like to take you shopping."
"Sure. Yes I'm free," I answered happily.
"Great, I'll come by your house at around 10am. Then we can go from there."
"Okay, I'm looking forward to it!"

I showered and dried my long mahogany hair then went to the closet to find something to wear.
"Well this is my first date so... I should dress nice. Let's see...," I searched my empty closet and finally, after much rummaging I pulled out a long pink dress sowed with pretty little cherry blossom applique. I hope he likes this. I slipped my dress on and applied a skinny line of black eyeliner on. I pulled out my glittery pink sandals and left the house. He awaited me outside.
"Good morning princess,"Will said with an irresistible smile.
"Morning Will! So which mall are we going to shop at?"
"Hmm. Your choice. But I do have some suggestions:
Chikara Tower or Tsuki Neko Mall."
"Tsuki Neko Mall sounds fun!" We held each others hands and strolled to the mall. While there we bought lunch and he bought me a beautiful necklace.
"Scarlet, here." I turned and looked at Will. He came close, unlashed the necklace and put it around my skinny neck. The was no one around, just me and him in the city's square.
"For you,"
"Thank you Will. It's beautiful,"I said.
"Yes but with no comparison to you, my love."
He grabbed me gently and kissed me, wrapping his tongue around mine. Then he unzipped my dress and slipped it off. Feeling me down he kissed my body going lower and lower. When we left, he walked me home.
Will POV- What a lovely girl, Scarlet. I hope she enjoyed today as much as I did.
"Um Will, I've been wanting to ask you this for a really long time. you like me? I mean of all people in the whole world, me? I used to think being your girlfriend was to good to be true, but it happened. And now I just don't understand how I can be good enough for you."
"Well the reasons why I like you...Haha there's just so much to explain. Where do I start?... Well first, your kind to me, and everyone at school. Second your lovely, like a rose. And last, you have a way of expressing your feelings unlike any other girl I've ever met. That's why I like you."She blushed at the words that ran out of my mouth.
"Thank you, for telling me. Oh? Looks like I'm home already. Thank you for making my first date ever so fun and happy. I hope we can go together next month to the Halloween prom at school," She happily said.
"Yes, of course we can. I'll see you later then. Goodbye Scarlet," I said with a nice smile. I waited outside until she went into the door.
(sigh) What a kind, lovely girl. It's an honor to be her boyfriend. It's just too bad that Kazuki punk is in the way.


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