If you wanna know bout me READ this :)

Chapter 1

Bout me :)

Looks: Long wavy dirty blonde hair
Hazel brown eyes
5ft 3 and growin 2 bout 5ft 8

Born in the united states- south carolina

Im part german, russian, and irrish

I like the colors light blue, lime green, red, and black

I like 2 right poems down all the time

Music is my world, i listen to it bout everyday :) Music is the only thing that can keep me calm 24/7
I listen to: avril lavigne, escape the fate, rascal flatts, chemical romance, etc.

My birthday is March 30 :) (3 more months) Yay!!!!!!!

I have a short temper and a attitude but i am workin on it but im still very nice to people

I have 3 older sister and 3 younger brothers but i live with me grandparents and mum but none of me sis or bro lives with me

I have a boyfriend i been datin for bout 1 year and 11 months now :) Feb. 11 will be 2 years :)

My best friends name is katie i grew up with her since preschool :)

I like to ride 4wheelers and dirt bikes :)

I am a born and raised country girl
I like to hunt and fish and stuff like that

Please leave a comment tellin me what you think and if there is anything else you wanna know cause i didnt tell you everything :) Bye bye :P


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