Hetalia MEME~

Hetalia MEME~

Yaaaaay~!! Umm... yeah.

Chapter 1

Uhhh-- it's a meme~

by: Alastor_
Name: Alastor
1.) Which country is your favorite and why?
cough Germany. Hmph. For obvious reasons. And Austria, because he's kawaii.

2.) What pairing is your favorite? Don't have one? Say "Become one with Mother Russia?" instead.
Favorite pairing.... hmm... USUK~ saying this to bother England

3.) What country are you from?
Dude. I'm from another world. facepalm ((Admin: USA!!))

4.) Have a short conversation with your favorite country, or with the country you're from.
Alastor: eating potatoes Daldrel, Germany.
Germany: Oh, hi.
Alastor: gives him a potato So... how are you?
Germany: Alright. You?
Alastor: Bored. sigh Horu's been bothering me today...
Germany: Ja... he seems to enjoy doing that...
Alastor: yawn Don't worry, I gave him a good arse-kicking.
Germany: Okay... You didn't hurt him too badly, did you?
Alastor: lifts an eyebrow, smiling a little Isn't that sort of a silly question?
Germany: Um... ja.... o_o" Ich liebe dich... but you're scary...
Alastor: grins I know I'm scary~

5.) Act out one of your favorite Hetalia scenes. (Whether it's from the manga, fan fic or the anime, just say where you're getting your stuff from.)
Can't... think of anything.... lazy

6.) Impressions! Who can you sound most like from Hetalia?

((Admin: America~ :3))

7.) Say "pasta", "wurst" or "vodka"

8.) Make fun of Japan's Engrish
Sure. I live to annoy people~
Alastor: Mornin', Japan.
Japan: Good morning, Arastor-chan.
Alastor: grins I've gotta ask you something.
Japan: Oh... o-of course.
Alastor: Can you...
Japan: Y-yes, Arastor-chan...?
Alastor: ...say "election"?
Japan: A-arastor!! =.=

9.) The Allies have captured you. Plead for your life!
VERY offended Plead? I do not plead! =__=+
Besides... they wouldn't be able to capture me, and even if they did... they'd be too scared to keep me around... But I'd probably stay and have a chat with Russia~

10.) Act like an Italian!
Veee~!! Paaaasta~!! Doitsudoitsudoitsu~!!

11.) Do you have any Hetalia stuff? List it off
((Only computer files... cries))

12.) Germany cat just dropped a dead mouse at your feet. What do you do?
I'd go neko and eat it, of course~!! Or I'd cook it, then eat it...

13.) Kumajiro doesn't know who you are. Reaction?
grins Daldrel. I'm Alastor and I come from another world! I could destroy you if I wanted to... but you're way too cute and fuzzy, so I won't!! :3

14.) Whose vital regions would you like to invade?
Errrr.... shouldn't this be obvious....? ahem, ahem

15.) Recite a spell for England to use.
Spell? How about a good old-fashioned ass-kicking? :3

16.) "Hon hon hon" or "Kol kol kol"?
Both. evil grin

17.) Aru?
China!? Where!? may or may not be a China fangirl

America, duh! And me, when I'm not being lazy...

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