Hay :)

Hi everyone! Its been so long! With school, and friends, I haven't really had time to get on. Now I do, cause its mid-term :D the story explains why I haven't been on in like at least 4 months.

Chapter 1

School!!!!!!!! Yay!!!!!!!!!!! :D (not) lol

I'm a good student. I make A's and B's. I have a lot of privileges but also a lot of responsibility. Part of that responsibility means homework first, and by the time I am done (we get a loooot of homework) it's dinner and bed. On the weekends, my parents do family things like solve a puzzle together, or watch a movie, or just plain hang out. The only days I could be on are Saturdays, and I usually spend those with my friends. Since I've got winter break, I can go on Quibblo! I will try and log on as much as possible. Already working on White Wolf (for a friend) and then i'll work on The sequel to Life at Hogwarts. Sound good? And yes, the new story winner was Misty, so I will also be working on that. I best go, I must work on those things now. Hope you had a Merry Christmas and HAPPY NEW YEAR! :P


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