Beyond the Barricade (A Liam Payne/Harry Styles/Les Miserables Group Story)

I saw Les Miserables on Christmas day. It was amazing. If you haven't seen it, you really should. It would touch your heart. So, I'm writing a fan-fic. Enjoy okay? :)

Chapter 1

Mosieur Enjolras

My Character

Name: Moretta
Age: 20
Looks: Long Straight Dark Brown Hair / Big Chocolate Brown eyes / 5'7 / Naturally Tan / Very skinny with great curves
Personality: Strong, Sensitive, Intelligent, Caring, Stubborn

The other writer(s) will write their character info later.


I walked outside of the ABC cafe. Master told me to fetch some water from the well in the woods. Knowing he was my father, I must get the water.

I grabbed a pail that was by the door outside. Eponine was out there, sweeping.

"Hello Eponine. Papa wants you to make the 'beef' for tonight's customers." I said to her. It was windy out and my long hair blew out of my face. A group of students were coming here every night planning an attack, blah blah blah.

Eponine didn't care to listen to me.

"Eponine, Eponine, EPONINE!" I shouted.

"Yes, I know make the beef I get it."

She was obviously staring at the students heading our way. If you looked deeply into her eyes, she had a love for Marius.

I just sighed and rolled my eyes. "Contain yourself Eponine." I said chuckling.

She threw a sisterly punch at my arm. She gave me that 'Shut up' look. Marius walked past her, giving her a kind friend smile. Eponine had made the wrong assumption though. Like always.

She's only his friend. And everybody knows that 'the friend' never gets the man.

I started walking towards the woods, feeling as if I had eyes watching me. I shook off the feeling and staring singing a song my real mom had sang to me.

I stopped singing and felt eyes on me. I turned around and saw a handsome man staring at me.

"Who are you?" I asked, getting the water.

"Hello. My name is Enjolras. Caleb Enjolras."

His blonde curly hair was right past his ears and had the prettiest hazel eyes I've ever seen.

"What are you doing here?" I asked yet another question.

"I could ask you the same."

"I asked first."

"And I asked second."

"First always goes first."

He sighed of defeat and I laughed.

"I followed you."

"Stalker ay?" I asked making the man blush. I've always had that charm inside.

"No your turn."

"I'm fetching water for my parents."

I got the pail that was extremely heavy.

"Do you need help?"

"Yes! That would be excellent."

He walked up to me and grabbed the pail out of my freezing hands. He carried it with no trouble at all.

We walked back talking along the way.

"So, favorite color?" I asked.

"Red. What's yours?" Enjolras replied.

"Sunset orange."

Before you even knew it, we were at the Cafe. Papa had seen Enjolras carrying the pail.

"MORETTA! Are you making him do your chores?" he yelled at me and grabbed a hold of my fist.

"No Master-" I tried saying but he slapped me straight across the face.

"Master , I did it for her in generosity." Enjolras explained.

"Is that true Moretta?"

I nodded.

"Well then ,see you inside Moretta. It's bedtime."

I took the pail from Enjolras and walked inside, letting a tear form in the corner of my eye.

Enjolras must've noticed because he took the pail from my hands and placed it on a table.

"Are you okay?" he asked.

"Yeah, it happens all the time. I must get to bed." I said and headed upstairs to see all the students there.

A man had grabbed my wrist and looked quite drunk.

"How about we go off to my place yeah?" he asked.

"How about a no." I said angry and tried getting away.

"No woman talks to me like that!" he yelled, his breath smelling like liquor.

"Grantaire, let her go. Now." Enjolras said and forced Grantaire ,I'm guessing, off of my wrist.

I muttered a thank you and ran to my room. Eponine was already there. She smirked.

"Were you with Enjolras?"

"Shut it!" I said smiling.

She laughed. Now I know how she feels.

Enjolras' P.O.V.

I took off my coat and looked at everyone who stared at me in shock.

Marius came up to me. "Where have you been?" he asked.

"Somewhere. It's none of your business." I said and staring mapping out attacks.

I heard Joly mumble something.

"She must be the one,"

I smiled, thinking about nothing but Moretta.

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