a sad story

this did not really happen
it came to me

Chapter 1

this dint really happen

there was once a guy
he was 16
his girlfriend was 15
he knew his girlfriend was bullied
but he dint know how much
so one day he went to school
his girlfriend wasnt there
so he thought she must have been sick or is late.
he went to class.
she still dint come.
so he figured she was sick.
the next day she came back.
she said she had gotten sick
weeks past
one day
in the middle of the spring
she dint come again
so he figured she was sick or late
she dint come when class started
he figured she was sick.
when he got home
he found a text
it said
i want you to know i love you. im sorry but i cant live like this anymore. i wanted to say goodbye. ill be dead within the hour.
the text said it was from 7:34 am
school started at 8:00 am.
he finally understood.
he ran to the kitchen
and grabbed a knife
he took out some paper and wrote on it
i never got to say goodbye
he then stabbed himself.
he died within minutes.
suddenly a soft knock came at the door.
it was his girl friend.
a minute after he had read the text she had sent him anothet text.
it had said
baby im sorry for scareing you. im not going to kill myself. your the only thing that keeps me alive.


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